• It's been over 44 years, but it was instant love. Then again 43 years ago another. Same thing.
  • I was in love from the moment I learned my girls were growing inside their mom.
  • To be honest, I loved them when they were in me, when they were born, I was and still am completely amazed that I could create a baby.
  • I was bonded and loved my child to death since I first felt him kick in my stomach. I love him forever and always. He's my little man and I would die without him. Sometimes I sit and home and wonder what I ever did without my son....
  • I can tell you the moment I fell in love with each of my children, it was when I first heard their little heartbeats. There is something magical about that sound that just melts your heart and makes you love that child with your entire being.
  • seems like your premise should work in reverse....perfect little bundles of wonderment at birth, and all down hill from there!!! kidding-i found my daughter absolutely beguiling.
  • How would you know if I wasn't honest?
  • I loved him from the moment I saw him. He was my miracle baby in more ways than one. Obviously as he grew older I loved him more but I loved him from the second I looked at him
  • Fell in love at the moment. They were both so beautiful, and cute, and cuddly...and good. I told my husband after I had my son, "Honey, I hate to tell you this...but im in love with another man" ....hes like what? im like..."your son"
  • I loved them before they were born and the love has grown over the years. Being a parent is not what you imagine. In most cases it is so much more and so much more satisfying.

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