• i get really tired and i dont want to get out of bed and i just tend to stay in bed and in pajamas and veg out...i dont know why but i just cant seem to do anything
  • you,ll develop this crustiness in your eyes that is really nasty. You'll also occasionally develop some pillow lines going down your face in which people will mistake you for scarface. The world is yours.
  • you are tired all day.
  • If you are asleep for more than 24 hours, you are probably in a coma and dreaming about asking this question *wink*
  • You miss out on your life!
  • I will tell you when it happens.
  • If I sleep for too long I actually feel more tired for some reason.
  • 1) your head feels hot 2) your eyes look smaller than before/dry 3) your look terrible 4) you dont feel energetic and other symptons which coudl you feel REmebdy:- TRy and get up before your head hurts, Drink a glass or 2 of very cold water to cool that hotness feeling down SPlash your face with cold water Massage your face so it looks not so tired Discipline yourself to get to bed by 10, an hour or so than you would normally got to sleep Have hot chocolate SLeep
  • tiredness, laziness, sleppiness, headache, pressure in the head...
  • Your sleep system is disrupted! Your eyes look heavy and maybe smaller *well mine used to medium to big now they are small! You miss out on breakfast and lunch Irregular eating patterns, whether you eat once a day or twice, does MESS up the way you "feel" you don't feel in "control", and you dont feel strong! I thought this was nonsense, but i can effect your looks! I used to be an attractive lady, then whe Istopped eating on time, missing breakkers, and lunch but ate DINNER, I was underweight and my best features looked crap! When you do eat properly, go to bed on time, (1) Your best features look so much better! (2) Your in Control Ive been sleeping all day today, as I was driving alot yesturday, but I would say, dont put yourself under strain, mental strain can take its toll on you! Eat well and get up early - and work/study and you will be a success!!!
  • Wow, I have no idea. I'd love to have the opportunity to find out though...that would be a problem I'd welcome right now. LOL
  • Don't matter how many hours of sleep you have...if you take this "white lightning energy drink" just mix it with 8oz of water and shake it for 10 seconds then drink it. This will really help you open your eyes as big as you want all day long and Feel Energitic! Advise: 2B Honest with you, you lacking of <a href=hpttp://>Vitamin B12</a>.
  • In the summer time I am able to sleep for a very long time. I wake up so late that I miss breakfast and lunch. I only eat dinner and by the end of the summer I have lost a lot of weight.
  • Last time I got too much sleep, I was late for work.
  • my brother is doing this he is such a idiat,i told him he messing up his sleepin lifestyle but he wont realise,he started doing this when he started working nights,now he sleeps full 12 or 15 hours lmao.
  • i get a back ache if i stay and sleep too much. and sometimes a headache. whatever aches. i came on here to find answers!
  • My father thrashes me

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