• Because that entire series should have ended two movies ago.
  • Haven't seen it, but thanks for the heads up!
  • Nooo aw dont say that! Ive been looking forward to it! Jimmy you suck lol was it really that bad?
  • Because violence for the sake of showing violence is not a substitute for dialog and human emotional elements.
  • I thought it was good.=)
  • I still haven't seen it but i thought it looked pretty good? I'll still see it anyways, can't be any worse than the 3rd one!!
  • I didn't like the third one either.
  • Arnie was missing.
  • I never saw any of the new films but you will never beat the orginals :D
  • It doesn't. Its a little difficult for me, putting up with cast changes all the time. If we had gone from Furlong, to Bale I would have accepted that a bit more than having three changes AND going from Nick Stahl (who was fucking terrible) to Christian Bale. It doesn't suck, but it does suffer from being subject to the inevitability of time...there's no Arnold (there couldn't be- he's in his sixties and in politics) instead there's a CGI rendition that looks WORSE than the Rock's multi-legged avatar in 'The Mummy Returns'. So, it doesn't suck but it wasn't particulary astounding. It was no T2 but way better than T3. I can't see it stretching across a new trilogy though. PS- There's a spelling mistake in the credits if you watch it again (how sad am I?) Soldier is spelled 'Soilder'.
  • Because development meetings now involve way too much discussion about action and special effects and the idea of actual plot and storyline fall to the wayside. I like special effects as much as anyone, but I don't need to hours of chases, fights and explosions.

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