• For me, its the teenager.
  • Neither. The person who complains about either one and doesn't just move on.
  • The snotty teenager for sure. Nothing more annoying than a teenager who thinks they know the world.
  • The teenager, by far. The old fart can be excused...
  • I think it's the teenager who thinks they know it all & the way he or she acts because of that. +5
  • I think it's the elderly person. Someone who has lived that long should know better.
  • Doh! Don't you remember being about 17? YOU knew everything then, too. I think it's actually kind of cute. The old hypocrites, like me, THEY are really annoying.
  • That's a tough one kdp. I don't know. Which one annoys you the most? Happy Saturday! :) ((hugs))
  • The teenager
  • A snotty teenager..the old ones are usually
  • the elderly person. one would hope that an elderly person would have gained some wisdom by that age and learned that you should practice what you preach. i give lying hypocrites a wide berth ~ their behavior is disturbing and they cant be trusted ~ one cant reason with someone who never thinks theyre in the wrong. i can empathize with why the teenager acts the way s/he does. first off they have crazy hormones raging. secondly, they havent seen enough of the world to know they dont know any better. lastly, parents can be really overbearing and overprotective during those years and treat the teenager like theyre still little children. the teenager just wants to exert some independence, taste freedom, and to be able to experience the world without being told no over and over again or having their chain yanked all the time. its suffocating. teenagers usually act out because of bad parenting. blame the parents.
  • A teenager - because they THINK they know it all. An older person actually just might give you some good advice.
  • Old people get cut a lot of slack from me cause they are probably blind, deaf and in constant pain so I allow them to spout off all they want. The snotty teen would get my wrath.
  • More annoying is the younger person. With their higher energy it's too easy to be annoying with their behavior and more dangerous for them as well, so I tend to worry about them more than I should.
  • A snotty teenager gets my goat more than the oldster.
  • The snotty teenagers
  • I have way more tolerance with the elderly. Snot nosed kids I feel like giving them a good slap.
  • Tough call. Know-it-alls and hypocrites are annoying, no matter their age.
  • The snotty teenager who has no life experience.
  • I'd go with the elderly person because you always feel obligated to listen to what they have to say out of respect. Teenagers make me laugh with their immaturity so it's usually not annoying. I can just tell a teenager to fuck off without feeling bad about it, but with old people I feel like a bolt of lightening is going to strike me down if I am disrespectful.
  • snotty teenagers are more annoying. Old people usually have experience when it comes to life and try to give good advice even if its hypocritical. They dont mean for it to be hypocritical(or at least most of the time). Teenagers dont know anything about life because they have not experience enough to know 1/8 of what they think they know.
  • They are both annoying to me. However, if I had to measure them both within a scale, I'll be more inclined and more willing to tolerate the elderly person's "hypocritical advice". I consider myself fortunate to father two wonderful, intelligent, and respectful daughters(14 & 16 years old)and I have no complain whatsoever. But I have some snotty and smart asses nephews that if I had my way I'd fist their filthy mouths until there was not a single tooth left in their mouths. I have had some good and useful advices from many elderlies--whether they were "hypocrites" or not. I can't say the same thing for smart asses snotty teens
  • a snotty teenager. ive learned to tone out some old people.
  • The elder because they are always judging you and your generation.
  • Argh what a difficult one. I reckon the teenager would be really annoying because they havent really lived yet, and shouldnt think they know it all, but old people that are like that are just reeeeaaally annoying too. I think I'll go with the old people, because they should have learned their lesson by now.
  • this isnt an easy one by any standards haha!! i spose ill opt for the spotty snotty teen :D
  • whichever one you are with at the moment.

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