• Norwalk Virus!!! BAD BAD BAD BUG!!! +5
  • An allergic reaction to Keflex years ago.
  • Little Bit fell off the front stoop and hit her head on the sidewalk. She's got a titanium coil in her carotid artery to clot off a major aneurysm, so ever time her head takes a good whack, its off to the ER for x-rays to make sure the thing didn't move. We've done it three times now, twice with stitches and once without. She's also had a stroke and since her right foot drags she tends to lead with the left side of her head.
  • My son fell off the pool slide to the concrete below, so I called 911. They took him to the hospital and Hubby drove over from work and met them there.
  • Hyper extended knee while playing football.
  • That would have been when he was about ten. he was playing with his lego and using his teeth to separate the blocks and inhaled one. He is 22 now.
  • Less than a year ago for stitches under her eye when she fell.
  • December 2008, my 13 yr old son was in gym class at school when he had an accident and broke his arm.
  • Birth..... I was in labor! AHHHHH!!!
  • Which one? Last child I brought was for strep throat.
  • I have never had to take any of my 3 children to the ER. Thank You GOD! But last week I had to call poison control for the first time because my 1 year old (who was playing with his brothers on the deck) toddled into my house sucking an empty squeeze-bottle of cleaner (I had NO idea it was even out there!) Poison control looked up the active ingredients of the brand and said it was a dilute product. I told them he only drank a little, because it was a sample sized container. They told me to feed him and watch him closely. His appetite was rather scant for a day but he is fine.(whew!)I have to watch that one like a hawk though. Baby Aaron gets into EVERYTHING.
  • I don't think he's ever been treated in an ER. He put a rock up his nose once but I called his pediatrician and brought him straight in and he pulled it out. That's about the only "emergency" we've ever had, luckily!
  • a month ago when i thought my sons surgery ruptured a 2nd time scared the crap out of me

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