• Hahahahahaha, that's too funny. I just found out Moby Dick isn't a Venereal Disease !! LOL :)
  • Spoon. I didn't know that was a cuddle position. +5
  • I just discovered what the phrase "that girl has a wizard's sleeve" meant.
  • New phrase? Not for a long time. . I don't suppose you've ever heard "moose knuckles" before. . And, as I'm at work and can't check this link out to see if it works, go to youtube and search "cameltoe, bob and tom" if it doesn't work: .
  • My younger nephews and nieces come up with new phrases all the time. I try to keep up with them as best as I can or when I feel it's necessary. I cannot think of any right now. But I recently explained "MILF" to my dear friend, Nancy. She lives in a 1950s world, so I had a hard time explaining it to her while looking at her expression of shock! :-)
  • Spread Eagle...I have no clue what it meens.
  • deja vu! I know what that means now lol!
  • Not recently, but about 25 years ago after living most of my life in Europe a guy told me that he liked to hit on girls, and I said, "Hit them?? That's terrible!"
  • This was not recently. But about 10 yrs. I learned what "cracker" means. I learned this by calling a black co-worker a cracker. She went nuts on me. I truly had no idea what the problem was. Very funny now, thinking back.
  • ten roof rusted = getting knocked up i never knew that but its in the song love shack thats when someone explained it to me
  • I just recently learned the term "kewl guy" means nutcase.8:P
  • i learned something last year. i was in class and then some dude said something about "kinky" and i was like, "what's a kinky?" and he told me to ask the teacher and i got in trouble "/ lol i go back and he tells me what it means. i was mad! haha
  • Dirty Sanchez. Don't ask;)
  • Well, I recently answered a question about camel toe, but I didn't have a clue what it meant either. Oh, well......The only thing new I've discovered is that there is urban language which I had no idea about either. Guess I've lived in the country too long.
  • Here is a site that might help you all work out what different sexual slang means. I find it very entertaining and helpful. The Language of Love, Lust, Sex and All the Many-Splendored Things in Between in Teenspeak - Jockspeak - Menglish - Slanglish - Spanglish Gaylese - Americanese - Britspeak - Ozslang - Funetic Populo-Vulgar Speech - T-Shirt & Net Shorthand Pompo-Verbosity & other Figurative Lingos Dictionary of Sexual Terms - 24150 terms and expressions, 3500 quotes, 47000 synonyms Dictionary of the F-Word - 865 terms and expressions 200 quotes, 2200 synonyms
  • I had to explain to my naive wife what a Cleveland Steamer was and how gross it is. That was not fun.
  • Up the duff - getting pregnant. Going for a scoop - going out to drink. Me oul (owl) segosha (seh-go-sha) - my dear old friend.
  • See thats funny I remember when I found out what It meant I had these 2 friends that hate each other one was a guy that was a reborn christian and the other was a lesbian. Of course he hated her for no real reason other then Leviticus. The girl wasn't that attractive compared to most and when she was walking away he said, "god look at that camel toe" and I responded, "You only noticed her feet?" I was about 24 yrs. old.

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