• Hey, you're freakin' me out here!!
  • No, I can't see Earth destroyed, or deteriorated completely. As far as we know...I think...all of the planets we know of have not been destroyed by anything and have not deteriorated. And we've been observing planets for quite some time.
  • Yes, at some point in time (billions of years from now), the sun will eventually burn all of it's gases and become a white dwarf. While some stars go into a supernova (giant explosion), it is believed that our star is not big enough to create one. The sun is made up of a bunch of gases, mainly hydrogen, but it goes through a process called nuclear fusion in which the hydrogen gets converted into helium. Once all of it's hydrogen is consumed it will enter a red giant phase and will start producing carbon and oxygen. While in the red giant phase, Earth's orbit will either be completely engulfed by the sun or get close to it. This will dry out our planet and make Earth look like a scene from a horror movie. The sun will later cool off and turn into a white dwarf, leaving our solar system cold, dark and completely lifeless.
  • The earth and all of the planets will eventually be destoryed. 1. There are about a trillions asteroids in the Asteroid belt, and many leave that belt and hit othe planets. There are small ones, big ones, and the horrible "doomsday" ones. According to scientists, its not a matter of "what if" the doomsday asteroid will hit, its "when" will it hit. An asteroid is bound to hit earth one day, and now they're saying in the year 2036, an asteroid that's 406ft wide might hit earth(but that's a rare chance). 2. Yellowstone National Park-Right inside Yellowstone National Park, there is this thing called "The Super Volcano". This volcano is bound to erupt. Again, according to scientists, its not "what if" the volcano erupts, its "when" it erupts. That thing could go off any second, but scientists think it won't go off from 100 years. If it does, it'll create such a huge explosion and eventually flood the earth with Lava, therefore, destorying it. 3. The Sun. In billions of years, the sun will eventually burn out. The process is like this-The sun will get bigger and brighter as the years go on. It will raise temperatures on earth by 5, 10 or 15 degrees as each year passes. Then, the sun will turn more orangeish, and eventually turn bright red. After the sun turns red, it will eventually explode(supernova). The explosion will reach further than Jupiter. If the explosion is big enough, the sun will turn into a white dwarf, then a black dwarf. If the explosion is big enough, it will turn into a black hole and suck everything into it. No matter what, the earth will eventually be destroyed. Not in our century, or in any century any time soon, but it will happen. Its not a matter of if, its a matter of when.
  • Regarding the future of earth nothing is certain. After all who has seen the future. We know we hav external threats like comet srtiking the earth. Astroids falling on earth etc but the biggest threat to earths future are humanbeings themselves.We alter the enviroment to such adegree its not possible for its natural ability to replinish the damage.look at the ozone hole.The extint species ,. Nuclear war fare is aserious threat. So lets think about it before it gets too late.
  • The sun is the same in a relative way but your older-pink floyd.i think the earth is here to stay .we are the ones that will me gone.i mean humans.the earth will repair itself
  • Earth will be destroyed and it's noty so far from now. It will happen either because mercury which is very hot explodes and makes earth explode or the sun will convert into a black hole. Also there is a posibility that a comet will crash into earth and block out the sun which will make us ecxtinct like the dinosaurs. We also in the U.S have a nuclear bomb which if explodes, will make the earth into chunks.
  • i think that the planet earth will definety be destroyed because if the sun burns out and explodes id will, probably take away jupiter and saturn and definety earth beacause its close and very small and very big to other planter but i know for a fact that someday the earth is going to be gone and there no doubt in my mind thats its not going to stay.
  • No, why would it?
  • 5-21-2017
  • For me it's not relevant as the primary focus is and has been on the quality of relationships(acquaintances and loved ones)
  • the Earth will not be destroyed it will be cleansed with fire and then it will be made perfect.

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