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  • Yes, all of the above.
  • I completely agree =)
  • Yes, respecting others by making positive comments, marking up thoughtful answers, and by asking questions that contribute to this website.
  • I would have to agree with you.
  • Not taking other people's honest answers personally and not having outbursts. Just sharing opinions civilly and having fun.
  • All that and not allowing an argument escalate. It helps to have broad shoulders and to be able to ignore the few troublemakers. Good to see you've met Rosie!
  • Knowing when to stay out of arguments.
  • I think you covered it... I feel the same way...)
  • Wow..thank you for the kind words my friend. I appreciate that. I totally agree with you of course. Disagreement is a good stretches our minds and sometimes changes how we view things. Most of the time our AB members are very polite but on rare occasion one does come across a namecalling/insulting/attacking/atypical AB member and once identified it's best to disengage and avoid him/her in the future because these people don't know how to listen. :) ((hugs))
  • It means two things: 1) Having your fun without spoiling it for others. 2) Providing correct answers to questions. I am known for the latter, I am also known for ignoring the former. I don't believe being a "Good Citizen" of Answerbag makes you a good person, and I don't believe being a good person will make you a "Good Citizen" of Answerbag. I find the two neither mutually exclusive, NOR mutually inclusive. The ability to be either, both, or neither makes me love this place without end.
  • I also fully agree with your statements and do my best to be a good citizen here. I love comments back and forth and I love good feedback, therefore: I just go with the same principles I have in life, be the best I can.

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