• I loved "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams. (It was not a comedy!!) Williams is a doctor, and when his two kids are killed in a car accident, his wife tries to commit suicide. Then, he also dies in an accident and goes to Heaven. It is surreal and beautiful, but he learns his wife has succeeded in taking her life. His moment of sadness changes as he thinks they can all be together again as a family. Problem is, she is not in the same place and because of what she did, is in hell. We don't see fire and brimstone or pitchforks. Hell is very personal and it is experienced in individual ways. Her hell is being alone, in their home, but it is old, broken down, tattered and neglected. So is she, all alone, without the people she loves. He is heartbroken and determined to get her and bring her back out of hell, something that has never been done! It's a two box of kleenex movie, and a story about love so deep, even hell can't keep them apart.
  • I can cry at Usain Bolt winning a race so lots of films make me cry. I think Beaches was very poignant
  • captains courageous ,,,1937,spencer tracy,,,micky rooney and lionel barrymore,,,,greatest film ever,,,comming of age film,of a young spoilt boy,,,
  • The Fisher King--been there--not nice.
  • Schindlers List - after all the high drama the last ten minutes is truly powerful. Oscar looks at his motorcar and watch and realizes how many more he could have saved; the most true showing of regret ever.
  • "My life without me" Starring Sarah Polley. This movie was about a young woman who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. The movie shows how she deals with this, and the actions she takes in keeping the news from her family. It really touched me unlike any other movie.

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