• My mother, father and I have birthdays within the same week.
  • My cousin and I share a birthday.
  • Yes, my daughter was born on Father's Day.
  • Yeah, the number 1012 have several meanings in my in Oct 12,10-12 1first date, 1 get back together, 1 break up. All with different girls. Oct 21, 12-10 ended friendship with girl from 10-21 date a few years before. I have a really strong memory for big dates and relationships. 11-02 last time I saw my x-before split. It's weird I fear something is going to happen in 2011.
  • My Father was born on the 6th of October, my 1st cousin was born on the 6th of October, my Step-father died on the 6th of October and so did my nephew.
  • When my mom was 25 she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Me. When I was 25 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter and when she was 25 she gave birth to my handsome grandson.
  • Yes, my grandparents on my mom side got married on July 29th. My parents got married on July 29th and my sister got married on July 29th. Also, my best friend and I was born on the same day (24th) 6 months apart.
  • My Mother and My Husband had the same Birthday May 2nd.
  • My MUms brother (older) and youngest sister were born on the same day 12 years apart. My Uncle was probably hoping for a brother as a 12th birthday present instead of a third sister LoL. (My son also has the same birthday!) PLUS MUms two sisters gave birth to daughters on (another) same day, but back in those days, it wasnt spoken about too much publically, as one of the sisters was unmarried at the time.
  • My mom's brother was born on Christmas.
  • My sister, aunt and grandmother were all born on Christmas day and another sister born on Christmas eve and brother born 2 days before Christmas. I have a niece and her father both born on the same date; 20 years apart; her son was almost born the same day but missed it by an hour or two. My sister and her husband were married on St. Patrick's Day and my other sister was born on that day also.
  • My mom and dad are one year and one day aprt, so their birthdays are right next to eachother.
  • My maternal grandfather was born 15 Sept 1900 My father was born 15 Sept 1916 (16 years apart) My Maternal grandfather died 5 Jan 1964 My father died 5 Jan 1982 (16 years apart)
  • My Mother & my husband were born on the same date...23 years apart

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