• Answering machines are awesome. Without them, you would be left thinking "i wonder who that was. Oh, i will never know". Just a simple "hi, its *insert name here*, leave a message after the beep" Quick, strait to the point. I hate those stupid ones that are trying to be funny.
  • I hate them..I turn into a stuttering and confused wreck when I have to record or leave a message. I go for the quickest message possible!
  • Hello, don`t swear at my machine. I don`t like em much but they are good...I can decided if I want to talk to whoever is calling.
  • 90% of the time I hang up, only leave a message if really to.
  • I once had a message which said: Jeremiah 33:3, but leave a message in the meantime. I had loads of blank messages - where people were obviously phoning up again and again to hear the message and work out what it was saying.
  • I hate talkin to a machine so I don't leave any message!
  • Their a necessity of life these days. The messages that make you think you're talking to a person are pretty good. Not meaning to sound conceded, but I kinda like mine. 'Sorry we're not available to take your call, leave name, number, and msg. will call you back.' "Oh, but if you do need to talk to someone right away, God's always available, no waiting!"

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