• No, I ran out two days ago for a few people, it is still working unfortunately.
  • No. It's in force. I still get it. If anything it seems WORSE.
  • The rule is actually 25 uprates in a given 7 day period, not 25 points. And it's still in effect, as far as I know, since I just recently hit my limit yestarday on one or two people. And by "7 day period", I mean it's a 'rolling count'. If you gave 25 uprates to an individual in one day, you will not be able to uprate that person for 7 days. If you give 5 uprates a day, on the fifth day you would not be able to uprate any more. Three days later, however, you will be able to uprate that person 5 more times because the 7 day limit for the first 5 uprates will have passed by then.
  • I think it hasn't changed.
  • It's not 25 points, but rather rating 25 times per week. Use them all in one day or spread them out over the week. It's the one thing that hasn't been affected by all the glitches and is working well. (unfortunately) These things never work in our favor. Sadly, I am out of points for a few good AB'ers already this week, but you're not one of them ... so here's +5 for you. :)
  • Still is doing it to me on a couple of people.
  • It's still around, I saw that 3 times today!
  • I just hit my limit just a few minutes ago with NUNYA!
  • I have maxed out 2-3 people this week alone so it's still there
  • why don't you go through all my questions and uprate them, just to see how many you can do before you have to stop ? *S*
  • Nope still there! I have lost many this week! Off hand I can think of Ironhead, DukeG, Ailsa and Chief. +5

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