• your hard drive could be getting a little overloaded.. if you delete some things that you dont use or need your computer may get a tad bit faster.. but if things do not improve i suggest calling a computer geek..
  • When is the last time you defragged the drive? If your PC sees a lot of use, it's a good idea to do it weekly. Have you been installing applications that run in the back ground? Have a look down at your task bar.Those items are running. Things like Yahoo messenger, MSN etc, don't need to be if you're not on the net, for that matter, they don't need to be until you need them. These two, are the most common causes of a PC running a little slower than usual. Or are you referring to your internet speed? I just noticed that you posted this under "internet" category. It's possible, if you're using cable internet, that other users in your area are using up more bandwidth than usual. You all share it. If this is dial up, then a phone line between you and your ISP can be the culprit. Wet phone boxes and switches can mess up communications.
  • You might have to much music or pictures downloaded on your computer. Try putting some on disc and deleting some. This might help.
  • It could be spyware or a virus. It's also possible you need to defrag your hard drive, or that your hard drive is overloaded. Try something like Spybot S&D to see if you have spyware. Run an updated virus scanner, and make sure you're behind a firewall.
  • It's old, or doesn't have much RAM, or needs to be defragmented, or the operating system needs to be reinstalled, or you have a lame video card, or you have viruses and/or spyware.
  • Umm it could be the processor or not enough RAM, how old is it? If it is too old you might want to just upgrade to a newer computer
  • lasses, mo or less
  • Restart it, that usually works. If not, try putting it on a higher power rating.
  • (i cant comment) sorry, i cant remember! iv searched for ages to try and find it, have a look about the control panel and help and support.
  • do disk defragment disk cleanup if not go into mycomputer right click on the hard disk go to properties then click on tools at the menu bit and on the error checking bit click now! you will have to restart your computer and it will do this check it can take a few minutes by the way!
  • You may want to download SpyBot and check for any spyware/adware that might be slowing down your computer. Also, update and run your virus scan.
  • Don't forget to clear your search history also.
  • you may have a virus, or your hard drive may be getting full. If it is slow on line, have you deleted your cache?
  • Have you tried clearing your cache and deleting cookies? How about a cold boot?
  • How many computers are we talking about here? Did you recently install any programs? Has it been a gradual thing? Have you restarted recently? You could have stuffed up RAM, a resource hogging program, a clogged hard drive, etc. How much free space is on your hard drive, how big is your hard drive, how much ram do you have, how old is the computer, how long since you last restarted, what operating system (XP, vista, etc) are you running, and did you recently install anything? Those are all questions that need to be answered for any meaningful help to come about on AB.
  • First thing to do is restart. Second is going to and download their free anti-spyware program. You might have lots of data-miner cookies from the internet slowing things down.
  • Get a New one!! :D
  • SIMPLE STEPS TO DOWNLOADING VIRUS & SPYWARE PROTECTION (& steps for protecting PC) For XP AVG FOR VIRUS PROTECTION AVG anti FOR SPYWARE, MALWARE, ROOTKITS BOTH FOUND AT or go to yahoo and enter in search box - AVG VIRUS PROGRAM 1. FIRST STEP GO TO YAHOO AND TYPE IN: AVG FREE DOWNLOAD 2. CHOOSE THE ONE THAT SAYS :AVG FREE ADVISOR - FREE ANTIVIRUS AND ANTI-SPYWARE DOWNLOADS (should be about the 3rd one down) CLICK IT (avg-anti spyware is also for mal-ware and root kits- this one also works in safe mode F8) 3. ONCE THAT PAGE OPENS YOU WILL SEE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF PAGE FREE BASIC PROTECTION AND A ORANGE BOX THAT SAYS DOWNLOAD, CLICK IT 4.NEXT PAGE OPENS YOU WILL SEE PRODUCT COMPARISON, GO TO THE ONE ON THE FAR RIGHT AT THE BOTTOM, SEE WHERE IT SAYS FREE AND ANOTHER ORANGE BOX, CLICK IT 5. CLICK CONTINUE TO DOWNLOAD ANTI-VIRUS DOWNLOAD ONLY, CLICK THOSE WORDS 6. NEW PAGE OPENS WITH DOWNLOADS ON IT, SEE THE ORANGE BOX AGAIN SAYS DOWNLOAD NOW AT DOWNLOAD.COM AND YOU ALSO SEE 5 RED STARS, CLICK THE BOX 7. LAST STEP, NEW PAGE OPENS, CLICK THE DOWNLOAD NOW BOX AND WHEN THE NEXT BOX OPENS CHOOSE SAVE TO DESKTOP AND LET THE DOWNLOAD BEGIN, SIZE IS 31.45MB ONCE YOU DONE WITH THIS FILE MOVE IT TO A FOLDER IN MY DOCUMENTS IN CASE YOU NEED IT AGAIN Now for your next layer of protection download the following also but remember you can only run one program at a time, but each of these will fine things the other didn’t. Spybot search & destroy found at DOWNLOAD SPYBOT SEARCH & DESTROY ONCE YOU HAVE TYPED THE YOUR SEARCH BAR IN YAHOO 1. IT WILL LOOK LIKE: SpyBot Search and Destroy (S &D) CLICK 2. CHOOSE YOUR LANGUAGE - EXAMPLE ENGLISH 3. AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE WHERE IT SAYS DOWNLOAD - CLICK 4. LOOK DOWN THE PAGE TO WHERE DOWNLOADS START, YOU NEED THE FIRST ONE IF YOU HAVE VISTA AND WORKS FOR XP AS WELL SpyBot-Search and Destroy 1.5.2 CLICK DOWNLOAD ***NOTE (For those who are looking for version 1.4 it’s the 5th one down, it does not work on Vista, but does on XP) click download 5. NEXT PAGE OPENS CHOOSE A MIRROR SITE I TEND TO USE SAFER-NETWORKING LTD CLICK DOWNLOAD HERE 6. BOX OPENS CHOOSE SAVE AND DO SO TO YOUR DESKTOP OR TO YOUR DOCUMENT FILE AND OPEN AND RUN FROM THERE FILE IS 9.27MB Superantispyware found at SUPERANTISPYWARE DOWNLOAD ONCE YOU HAVE TYPED YOUR SEARCH BAR IN YAHOO YOU WILL SEE: AntiAdware, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware CLICK 1.LOOK FOR BIG BLUE BOX ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PAGE SAYS DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION HOME USERS - CLICK 2. NEXT PAGE SCROLL DOWN, AGAIN LOOK FOR THE BIG BLUE BOX SAYS DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION HOME USERS - CLICK 3. NEXT PAGE DOWNLOAD SHOULD START AUTOMATICALLY 5.64MB VERSION 3.9.1008 ****NOTE (if it doesn’t start at once look at the top of the page for a light yellow bar, its basically a security bar, click and choose allow, it usually has to do with Active X) If still does not open look on the page under the words Download progress: If the download does not begin shortly please (click here is in blue) Click it 4. DO SO AND A BOX OPENS, SAVE TO DESKTOP OR MY DOCUMENTS, OPEN AND RUN FROM THERE And finally go to this web site for this program to clean up your internet history, cookies, browser history, recycle bin, IE Explorer, etc all the boxes can be preset and basically in 4 steps you can clean computer. It does so well that disc clean usually only will find 32-100MB after its done go to the freeware section, look for Internet Cleanup, then look for the software called IE Privacy Keeper IE PRIVACY KEEPER DOWNLOAD WHEN YOU TYPE WWW.SNAPFILES.COM IN YOUR YAHOO SEARCH BOX THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL SEE WHEN IT OPENS Snapfiles - software reviews, download freeware and trial programs - CLICK 1. WHEN THE PAGE OPENS LOOK FOR A TAB AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE THAT SAYS FREEWARE - CLICK 2. WHEN PAGE OPENS SCROLL DOWN AND FIND INTERNET CLEANUP TOOLS - CLICK 3. WHEN PAGE OPENS SCROLL DOWN TILL YOU SEE THE PROGRAM SHOULD BE LIKE ABOUT THE 14TH ONE DOWN - CLICK THE BLUE DOWNLOAD BUTTON FILE SIZE IS 1128kb 4. NEXT PAGE OPENS IF DOWNLOAD DOESN’T START LOOK FOR A LIGHT YELLOW BAR AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, CLICK THE OPTION TO ALLOW TO OPEN, USUALLY HAS TO DO WITH ACTIVE X ***NOTE If for some reason still doesn’t start click the blue words click here they are in the middle of the page in tan box. 5. WHEN THE BOX OPENS SAVE TO DESKTOP OR MY DOCUMENTS, OPEN AND RUN FROM THERE. Last but not least do Defrag at least 2-4 times in a row even if program says not needed, as XP Defrag program isn’t the best and needs to be run more often. And also go to for free registry repair programs GLARYULITILIES DOWNLOAD GO TO 1. WHEN PAGE OPENS TYPE IN THE SEARCH BOX - REGISTRY REPAIR PROGRAMS - CLICK GO 2. LIST WILL OPEN, SELECT THE SECOND ONE - GLARY REGISTRY REPAIR (ITS FREE) CLICK IT 3. NEXT PAGE, YOU WILL SEE A RED ARROW AND DOWNLOAD NOW IN BLUE WORDS - CLICK 1.30MB 4. NEXT PAGE BLUE BOX DOWNLOAD FREE REGISTRY REPAIR NOW- YOU CAN CLICK HERE BUT REAL SLOW (works on 98, XP, ME, 2000, 2003, Vista) just not 64 bit supported 5. For a faster download click where it says - mirror here 6. NEXT PAGE IF IT DOES NOT START IN 5 SEC LOOK FOR A SECURITY BAR, WHICH IS LIGHT YELLOW AT TOP OF PAGE, CLICK THE OPTION TO ALLOW IF FOR SOME REASON IT STILL DOESN’T USE THIS OPTION: LOOK FOR THE LINE THAT READS CLICK HERE IF IT DOES NOT 7. BOX OPENS SAVE TO DESKTOP OR TO MY DOCUMENTS AND OPEN AND RUN FROM THERE or to and to their freeware section to find them also. (can only run one virus program at a time on a PC but you may have as many spyware programs as you wish as long as you run only one at a time, and only one firewall) A GREAT FREE ONE IS ZONE ALARM FOUND AT under the freeware section, personal firewalls. *** Note: It is wise to only run one virus program at a one time but run as many spyware as you like, only run them one at a time, other wise they will conflict with each other, it is good to have more than one as each will find some thing the other did not. Unistall any other program as they may conflict such as Norton,MacAfee etc. The only one this list that runs in safemode F8 is AVG anti-spyware, which does work great in safemode. Also wise thing to do is to run the virus & spyware program once without internet connection and then again with internet, as some times the virus will try to block program other wise when internet is running. This list has been drawn up by me and designed by me and is not copyed from anywhere as it has been suggested, please feel free to use as much as you like, and I hope it helps in some way. G_tech POPUP BLOCKER & MORE ONE OF THE FIRST THING A PERSON NEEDS TO DO IS TO REMEMBER TO GO TO: 1. ACCESS INTERNET OPTIONS (TOOL, CONTROL PANEL ETC.) 2. PRIVACY TAB-CLICK 3. MAKE SURE THE POPUP BLOCKER BOX HAS A CHECK MARK IN IT, IF THEN DO SO. CLICK APPLY AND OK 4. ALSO MOVE THE SLIDER BAR ABOVE IT TO MED-HIGH FOR THIRD PARTY COOKIES AS THAT CAN BE USED TO CONTACT YOU, WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. 5. ALSO ON THE SECURITY TAB, SET THE SLIDER BAR AT MED-HIGH AGAIN, THIS BLOCKS A LOT OF UNSAFE CONTENT AND UNSIGNED ACTIVEX CONTROLS. AGAIN IF YOU MAKE CHANGES - CLICK APPLY AND OK 6.IF THIS DOES BLOCK ENOUGH OF THE POPUP, BE SURE AND CHECK YOU INTERNET PROVIDER AND SOME OF THEM OFFER A SETTING THOUGH THEIR TOOL, FOR BLOCKING POPUP, TURN OFF OR ON. 7. YOU ALSO CAN GO TO, TO THE FREEWARE SECTION AND THE LOOK FOR POPUP BLOCKER, THIS TAKES YOU TO SEVERAL PROGRAMS TO CHOOSE FROM. 8. ALSO TRY, LOOK AT TOP OF PAGE WHERE IT SAYS DOWNLOADS, CLICK AND WHEN BOX COMES UP TYPE IN POPUP BLOCKER PROGRAM AND AGAIN YOU WILL FIND A FEW MORE PROGRAM TO TRY. DISK DEFRAGMENTER XP 1. START 2.ACCESSORIESS 3. SYSTEM TOOLS 4. DISK DEFRAGMENTER 5. CLICK THE BUTTON THAT SAYS ANALYZE 6. THE PROGRAM WILL THEN ANALYZE TO SEE IF COMPUTER NEEDS TO BE DEFRAGGED, A BOX WILL COME UP SAYS YES OR NO TELLING WHAT IT NEEDS. JUST CLICK IT. 7. IF YES, THEN JUST WATCH IT DO ITS THING, IT NEEDS no HELP FROM YOU, DEPENDING ON HOW BAD COMPUTER IS OUT OF ORDER, COULD BE 10 MINS OR 2 TO 3 IT WILL STOP ON ITS OWN AND THEN YOU CAN SEE RESULTS AND CLOSE PROGRAM. ** Even though it says defrag is not needed do it any way!! XP MSCONFIG (RESETTING START UP ORDER) 1. START 2. RUN 3.TYPE IN - msconfig 4. WHEN THE BOX COMES UP CLICK THE START UP TAB 5. THESE ARE THE PROGRAM THAT ARE ALL TRYING TO OPEN WHEN PC FIRST COMES ON 6. YOU WILL SEE A LOT OF ITEMS WITH BOXES WITH CHECK MARKS IN THEM, IN GENERAL THE ONLY ONES YOU NEED ARE: THE ONES FOR VIRUS & SPYWARE PROGRAMS SUCH AS AVG, SPYBOT ETC. *** If this a laptop turn a few items at a time off, you have to be a little more careful as you need touchpad, monitor etc. by default xp will not let you turn off any thing that will harm PC, it will come right back on. 7. CLICK APPLY AND OK AND THEN COMPUTER WILL REBOOT AND A MESSAGE WILL TELL ABOUT THE FACT YOU HAVE RESET MSCONFIG, JUST PUT CHECK MARK IN THE BOX AND CLICK OK AND YOUR DONE. THIS WILL SPEED UP HOW FAST YOUR COMPUTER BOOTS UP! all of these will help you find things and speed you PC up, good luck
  • If you have an older operating system such as Windows 98 or 95, it is possible that you are getting "memory leakage". However, if you dont, i suggest that you do a disk clean up and defragment your hard drive. You can access these functions by going to Start - Programs - Accessories - System tools. I also suggest you check your start up folder. To do this go to C:Documents and settings<Username>Start menuProgramsStartup. Also remember to check the All Users start up folder. Go to C:Documents and settingsAll usersStart menuProgramsStart up. Another useful thing you could do is to check the start up tab in System Configuration to remove any unnecessary processes that run when you start your computer. To check this, go to Start - run, and type 'msconfig'. Then click the start up tab. Be careful, as removing some processes from that list could result in a serious problem! I would recommend that you peform disk defragments and clean ups regularly, as your computer will just slow down again. I created a batch file to perform these tasks for me. To do this, open notepad by going to Start - run and typing notepad.
  • Windows? Buy better HW (more RAM, better CPU), if you are not bugged by viruses and/or other malware. There's no software that can make your PC faster. You can try to disable some programs startup.
  • Install CCleaner and run it every week. If you want to keep cookies on, leave the box unchecked. It will make your computer faster. Also think which programs you don't use and delete them. Apparently you have too much (too many software installed) on your computer. It slows it down.

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