• not using animals but instead to use prisoners (murderers, peodophiles, rapists)that diserve it. So they can be useful to society and medicine.
  • sadly you can only kill all chemical engineers or all the animals... neither is a good idea the way I see it.
  • Stop all testing, don' develope any new medicines, grind progress to a hault:)
  • we can't. The odds of getting every country to agree on laws regarding animals, when we can't even collectively agree as a country about laws regarding humans, is extremely thin.
  • I didn't know that the animals were testing.
  • If I knew the answer to that I'd be one happy lady :D
  • With nearly 7 billion people on the planet, I should think the solution is obvious. Which means there will shortly be a global thermonuclear war between the human rights activists and the animal rights activists as soon as this word gets out.
  • ofcourse i meant the worst of the worst, such as serial killers, rapists and peodophiles, which will not/should not be released into civilisation again, who have no remorse of their crimes. also of course there would be total prof of what they have done with todays scientific evidence (DNA), witnesses and other visual (cctv) media prof and so on. oh and ofcourse i would not be the judge to decide that would be a jury or a panal. but it may be a solution. also i did not mean to make this a means of torture of these convicts, but to help the evolution of science and medicine and the suffering of others in generations to come and the animals which are breed and keppt in cages all their lives and so on. i do not agree with animal testing but it is a nesessity.
  • Forbid scientist from testing on them.
  • Do some research on what companies do so ... make a list and stop using their products. put as much as you can on the NET to bring attention to those taht do and what you know ... Great question +
  • You cannot stop all testing because some things (like medications) have to be tried on animals before they are given to humans. I do not agree with testing cosmetics and other non-life sustaining products on animals, though. Since these are optional products, folks that want them should pay the higher price of more sophisticated testing that would not involve animals.

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