• Many women that have abortions suffer psychological damage from them, which then effects their relationships with their partners. Also, abortions do have the potential to create scar tissue that can lead to infertility and/or health issues with a future pregnancy.
  • I can't give you any that are not religious.
  • There are only so many dumpsters to throw fetuses in. :p
  • fiscal, and ethically
  • Before I answer a hot topic controversial question, I have a disclaimer - especially to you newbies who just have strong views but know nothing about me. I don't prefer controversy, but I think this is an interesting question. I will offer up some food for thought. If you disagree, ANSWER the question YOURSELF. I don't want a comment thread all about why I am wrong, because it's my opinion and my answer. Thank you. A good reason that goes against abortion (and I could have diplomatically spouted off bad reasons, if that the question) is as follows. Abortion means that an embryo or some version of a developing child is being killed. People consciously avoid killing caterpillars because they turn into butterflies. People don't deny the capacity of what the caterpillar is capable of becoming. The life form evolves into something beautiful and meaningful. Aborting a fetus can be on par with not giving the next Einstein, Renoir, Shakespeare, or Churchill the right to fully develop and thrive in this world.
  • Liberals use to call soldiers baby killers unjustly when they themselves are baby killers(abortion).
  • It enforces the idea that a human's value is relative to their age and physical capabilities. The younger they are, the less they can do, the less value they have as a human being. It happens in reverse to the elderly. The very young are called cancerous tumors, parasites, and can legally be treated like medical waste. The very old are thrown away and forgotten in nursing homes, often to be abused because they can no longer do very much at all.
  • I know two people who have had abortions. One of them has never been the same. Two weeks after receiving treatment, she told her family. She felt she needed support and had to explain why she had been so out of sorts. He family disowned her then and there, kicked her out of the house and their lives. . She was still in high school and doing very well before this happened which was part of her reasoning to get the abortion in the first place. After getting kicked out, she got even more depressed, dropped out of school and is now addicted to pain killers and living off of well fair. I don't know how she is paying for her addiction but I try not to think about it. I do believe she made the right choice to begin with, but then lacked the support to get her threw the physiological ramifications of her choice. She new she was to young to have a baby, the would be father was even younger, and to top it off that was her first sexual experience. . The other person I know did not seem to be affected by it in anyway other then being steadfast in using birth control from there on in. . I'm not sure if the first story classifies as a "reason", but it should give you a different perspective on it...It sure did for me.

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