• Nope I don't. +5
  • I read many of the labels when I'm grocery shopping, for the fat content, calories, etc.
  • Yes, I have to admit I am a label junkie!! I read every single label that goes into my cart, pretty much. The fat and sugar content is very important, as is serving size and calories also. In fact, I just taught my hubby to look at labels. I asked him to read me the sugar content off a food label once and he couldnt find it! So I said ok, time to teach him about labels. ;))
  • yes...always.
  • Most of the time, but you pretty much know or get an idea what kind of crap is in your food. Never the less I still read on.
  • No. Probably best not to.
  • Yes I often do. When I am choosing between two products in a supermarket I always go for the one with the least artificial additives and more of the ingredient I actually want to buy/eat. i.e. to determine the quality/real value of the product. I am generally interested in the nutritional value of food so this has just become a habit of mine.
  • Never bought anything without doing so.
  • i do...but not for calories i look out for things like MSG, APARTAME, all E-coded additives and animal derived ingredients. All the nasty preservatives and flavour enhancers and food dyes.
  • Not really... The way I see it, if I need to be checking the labels then it isn't something I should probably be eating anyway! The only time I ever tend to do that is if I am buying a pre-made sandwich or pasta for lunch.
  • I'm good at reading the nutritional information- calories, protein, fat, etc. but not so good at reading the ingredients list.
  • Yes, everytime I look at something new that looks good and also on some other products because some items have different things I watch out for. #1 is Aspartame as it is a dangerous drug not suited for safe human consumption #2 MSG (monosodium gludamate) over 30% of population is alergic to it and it can TRIGGER Alzhymers #3 Saturated fats partially hydroginated oils etc. #4 Floride
  • I mostly am concerned with sodium, polyunsaturated fat(bad fat), high fructose corn syrup, and saturated fat.

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