• I guess to some degree that's true of any President. The full impact of their decisions, for better or worse, is often not known for years later. Still, the only possible thing that I can see that could redeem his legacy to some degree, would be if Iraq were to ultimately result in his best case scenario theory, that it becomes a powerful, influential democracy in the Middle East that affects the political landscape in the region, it becomes a reliable economic and diplomatic partner with the United States, and if it becomes a large, US friendly oil producing state. That "best case scenario" as it was sold to us in 2002 and 2003, seems impossible now. And even if it did happen, realistically, you have to knock Bush down quite a bit for a remarkable failure of leadership in Iraq. 2005-2006 was a disaster, completely mismanaged, and Bush, frankly, doesn't deserve the credit for turning it around, that credit belongs to Robert Gates and David Petraeus. And, remember, he seemed perfectly content to leave this problem for his successor, whomever that was going to be, he didn't work to resolve this before his term was over, he seemed to relax comfortably in his lame duck status and was perfectly happy to leave so many of these issues for the next President.
  • You mean wait until senility kicks in? No he was the worst. I'll be happy when he is convicted. That is the only true measure of his legacy.

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