• I don't remember it exactly, other then standing outside the school with my my prents and many other kids being around. I think my parents gave me flowers to bring to the teacher.
  • Most of the kids had their parents with them but I rode the bus. I was happy to be there but I remember a lot of the others were crying and sad and some of them even peed thier pants that day.
  • I don't remember too much before the 3rd grade, I have a couple memories of 1rst grade, and the only thing I remember about kindergarten is hitting my head on a teeter-totter...
  • Yes I do, vaguely. I remember my mum dropping me off. She cried, and I toddled off on my merry way. I didn't make any friends that day because no one understood what I was saying to them. Apparently the words I used were too big. So I spent the day alone really. Not much fun. And it pretty much stayed that way for a long time
  • Wanting to go home
  • I remember it well because I wet myself after being smacked by the teacher, we had to put our breaktime snack into a basket, and when beaktime came I thought you could just take your pick from the basket, the teacher called me a thief for taking a snack that wasn't mine and smacked my behind.
  • Chocolate covered graham crackers, pretzel sticks, a small container of milk and also a brief nap time.
  • I don't remember my very first day, but I remember my first day of grade one, I went on the school bus and walked to the front doors with the monitors and somehow got lost and couldn't find where I was suposed to be and as I could not read well at that age, I couldn't just look on the list nor would I have ever thought of doing that. So I sat at the steps of the school crying until a teacher came up to me and helped me find my way.
  • gettign in a fight w/ a boy
  • being stared at almost as if they had not seen a human before and also being called the new boy
  • Not kindergarten but I do remember the first day of preschool. The worst day of my life!!!! I went up the slide and was too scared to go down. Some kid kept telling me I was a boy just becuase I had a short hair cut and they played "It's a small world" over and over and over and over.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I thought "what did I get myself into"?
  • yes. school was only 1 1/2 blocks away. i use to sit on the porch and watch the big kids go to school. now i was one of the big boys.
  • Yes, I remember being in first grade, crying on my first day, because one of my Uncles scared me telling stories about Kindergarten was gone, and now it was the worst time, that I was going to be grounded in a classroom all day, suffering, etc. Sometimes adults don't realize the damage they can inflict on little kids...
  • No. The farthest I can remember is pieces of Kindergarten that's about it.
  • Yes I do...I remember crying when I got there. I always knew I'd hate school lol!
  • i don't remember the first few days. But things which come to mind is the cloakroom, my brightly coloured packpack, my yellow lunchbox with wheels, the fact that i was so shy and used to eat all the fruit in thr fruit bowl :P hehe Ah, the memories!!
  • I was walked to school and I was given hugs and kisses. Walked about 20 feet from my parents then ran back crying because I was afraid.
  • I don't understand your question. Could you please explain?
  • Standing outside waiting for the bus.
  • 1. I cried for my mother and the teacher comforted me. 2. When I got home, my dad asked me what I had learned that day. I said 'Not enough, Dad, I have to go back tomorrow.'
  • Cam back to mom looking at the rush.Mom was not that polite.So i had to console my self and go back.Since then i have been self consoling.Never had any one to share or never felt like having any one.
  • Eating a piece of a jigsaw because a boy told me I wouldn't do it.
  • I remember urinating in the sink on my first day at school, thinking it was a urinal. I distinctly remember saying 'I know what that is!' and wondering why everybody was laughing at me. And also a horrifying scrap of memory in the communal showers of the boys changing rooms, everybody pointing and laughing, somewhat vague that one.. and ever so disconcerting. I also remember throwing another boys toy car on the roof of the school, being a soft touch and apologising profusely, then getting beaten up, tormented and terrorised endlessly by said child through the next two schools. I was a weak child. Well, I think that's the most open I've ever been with people I don't know, I feel a little vulnerable now.
  • UM Hating it lol
  • Standing at the bottom of the steps outside the room, waiting to go in. I could see pictures on the walls inside, and the pegs with names and pictures of names and bunnies above them. I remember the green rolling board that the teacher used... :) The first day at the senior school, I remember the huge hall. It was very imposing. I was wearing a mustard coloured corduroy dress and red and mustard shoes. I was really nervous, as I really didn't want to be there. That was the last day of my happy childhood.
  • I remember going home at playtime because I thought it was lunchtime. My mother had to walk me back! Great question.
  • I was all embarrassed because my mother brought my lunch pail for me and brought me into the classroom and the teacher had to tell my mother that I wouldn't be staying the whole day as it was only kindergarten. But since we had just come to the USA not too long before, my mother had no idea kids didn't go full time from day one. They did when she went to school back in Belgium.
  • One little girl threw her shoe at me. I remember that, and then we hated each other until the third grade, when i changed schools.
  • No, but I remember wearing a butter cookie on my head in nursery school once.
  • being photographed in my uniform, ive seen the photos and i look as miserable as a monday morning. gr8 Q!
  • I remember it well. I had never been to preschool or kindergarten or anything like the first day of school was pretty terrifying for me...and as I was standing there crying my eyes out, a little boy came up to me and said, "Don't cry. I'll be your friend." And we remained friends all the way through the 12th grade. Out of the mouths (& hearts) of babes...
  • I sat in a puddle of water, and everybody thought I peed my pants. But since we were so young (and had the attention span of a dying rock) They all forgot about it the next day.
  • My father took me to school on the first day. I recall hearing a lot of the other 5-year-old kids crying to go home. I told myself that I was not going to cry at all. However, when the teacher announced that it was time for the parents to leave, I cried louder than all of the other kids.
  • No. I went to pre-school. But I was glad to go to school because at the day care I was in that wicked lady told us to take a nap and I was trying hard to go to sleep and she told me she knew I wasn't asleep and if I didn't go to sleep she would swat me with that fly swatter she carried around. Things were certainly different back then.
  • All the coatpegs had stickers with our names and a picture for those who couldn't read their names yet. Mine had a picture of a red aeroplane on it.
    • Linda Joy
    • Professor Yaffle
      We were allocated our own coat pegs. Each had a different picture so we could identify our own peg if we couldn't read our name (we were all 4 years old). That's the only thing I remember about the first day.
  • dont remember 1st day ..but remember trying to protect a boy i liked that was being picked on..i was 5
    • Linda Joy
      Aww! How cute!

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