• because it comes from pigs, which are swine.
  • becuase people caught pig flu from pigs... "swine"
  • because u turn into a pig if u catch it
  • Actually it happened when a pig caught a human virus as explained in this article: "The pandemic H1N1 is somewhat different than the swine H1N1 with 8 swine flu genes, which is called "classical swine" because the 1930 virus had 8 swine gene segments. However, in the early 1990's new versions of H1N1 and H3N2 were found in swine. These new isolates had acquired a human PB1 gene when a pig was infected with human and swine virus and the swine virus acquired the entire PB1 gene through another genetic exchange mechanism, reassortment. This new constellation (7 swine and 1 human) then acquired two avian genes (PB2 and PA) leading to a virus called a triple reassortant because the virus had 1 human, 2 avian, and 5 swine flu genes. However, although the constellation was new, the host was the same, it was swine and there have been hundreds of triple reassortants isolated in swine long before the 2009 swine triple reassortant jumped species and began to transmit in humans."

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