• I'm not sure that I would be offended, per se, but yes, it would bother me. I'm not really in favor of anyone making openly bigoted and hostile speeches about anyone, whether they be gay, straight, or otherwise.
  • Why should I allow others to have the power to control how I feel?
  • I would hope so. Such behavior is abhorrent.
  • how could someone attack heterosexuality?call us breeders?
  • Nah im not bothered by it, i feel sorry for the gay community, where i lived if u are openly gay u were bashed and phariahed, eveyone has a right to there own opinion and i think everyone should be allowed to be themselves
  • Sure, I would be offended. Acting in hatred towards any group of individuals based on arbitrary definitions is bigotry, and I oppose it. However, I think the chances that the attitudes of such bigots being codified into law (UNLIKE the bigotry against ethnic minorities, homosexuals, women, etc.) is almost nonexistent. This makes the I-hate-straights person offensive, but minimally harmful.
  • By addressing this question to straight people, you are asserting that there are heterosexuals who use this web site. OMG! I had no idea those kind of people used AB! I'm going to have to think long and hard about whether or not I can be on a site with people who are openly heterosexual. What if I catch it? What if their use of the web makes everyone like them? I think I need to log off for my own safety.
  • Not really. I would simply assume he was a bit mad and go on about my business. : )
  • Yeah, it would bother me. I am sure it would bother them if I did the same.
  • I wouldn't be offended, I'd probably be thinking that they've had a lot of torment from straight homophobics for being gay. Still, it's no excuse.
  • Do I have to be "straight" to answer this...well I choose not to be labeled and answer anyway if I may~I would no be associated with these type of people more than one time...the first and the last can't chance people who are ignorant. It doesn't matter your sexuality if your heart is filled with hate it just is!
  • I would certainly hope if the tables were turned, that straight people would be just as offended as we are when the bigots are hostile towards us.
  • It's happened to me, but I must confess I was more amused than offended.
  • Of course! I am offended by anyone displaying such ignorance and hate.
  • Of course! I am offended by anyone displaying such ignorance and hate.
  • There is no room for hate in my world. I am not a hateful person. I am tired of hearing about hate and hate speeches - whoever it is directed towards. So, yes, my feelings would be hurt if hate was directed toward me for whatever reason.
  • Any kind of hate (no matter the race or sexual orientation) should not be encouraged. It's not healthy for the person that is saying it and the person that has to deal with it.
  • Actually I've been in that situation with a gay friend. She was spewing out hatred of heterosexuals because she worked with some people who didn't like her because she was gay and blogging some nasty things about them. Luckily, we are friends enough that my opinion matters to her and I pointed out the fact that she was doing to heterosexuals the exact thing that she would find unacceptable coming from a heterosexual. She openly apologized and explained that she was just so hurt and angry she wasn't seeing cleary and thanked me for pointing it out.

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