• Because it sounds more sophisticated to eat frog.
  • Excellent point Nancy! Kermit is safe with me!!
  • Because at Long John Silvers....everything tastes like fish!
  • after that info ill never eat chicken
  • Because I get frog legs for free.....
  • Frogs regrow their limbs, chickens do not. We could feed the world on the renewable resourse of frog legs!
  • Good point lol and i bet you dont get much meat on the little mites legs lol
  • First, it doesn't taste like chicken to me. Second, that's the way you get people to eat things. If it's white meat (rattlesnake, aligator tail) it "tastes like chicken"-if it's red (deer, human) it "tastes like beef".
  • Because I have a THING about chicken and don't eat it. LOL
  • Dang, I wish I'd asked that! (I DO eat chicken, but my mind would snap if I were forced to eat frog parts.)
  • because I'm waiting patiently for the frog to plop his egg so I can make scrambled eggs........
  • thats a good point but anyone can eat chicken. it sounds a little more "exotic" when you say you ate frog legs. LOL!! i have and like them. ;D
  • Exactly! Damn! Someone's making some sense here...
  • Theres more frogs than chickens.
  • Because I like to watch them twitch in the pot before rigor mortis sets in. Happens too quickly with chicken. Now big freaky smile for effect :D.
  • 1) Let's say that if you eat the same amount of chicken, you don't have so many animals killed. But maybe you find chicken more sympathetic. I don't eat any animals that have to be killed. 2) "Some folks say that frog legs taste like chicken. Of course, folks say anything new tastes like chicken. Frog legs don’t really taste like chicken. The meat is lighter and more delicate. Chicken is like the round steak while frog legs are the rib eye." Source and further information: 3) "I keep reading that frog’s legs taste like chicken, but they don’t really. The texture is poultry-y (really moist chewy dark meat of the bird), but the taste isn’t. I’d say the taste (which is not very strong) was somewhere between chicken and fish of some sort. A fresh-water fish, not an ocean fish. Not bad tasting, but I don’t know if I’d bother to have them again; they weren’t worth the effort of getting all the meat off the tiny little legs. You could probably eat dozens of them and still not be full." Source and further information:

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