• If you invited the neighbours kids over you should make sure that everyone gets a fair turn. If they invited themselves and climbed over the fence without permission I would send them home! Speak to your neighbour and tell them that it is upsetting for your kids to be bossed around by their older children and that they need to ask before coming over.
  • No, you should kick the neigbours kids back over the fence the cheeky buggers! That being said, if they politely came round & asked if it's ok to play, then I'd let them.
  • Hard to say. It depends on the demeanor of the other kids, imo. If they're tying to exploit the situation, it's a great time to teach your kids about how sharing is important, but it's equally important not to let people walk all over you. Or in this case, bounce all over you... But I digress: how is it sharing is so highly rated when we're young but then when we get older it goes out the window? It's not like those kids' dad is going to come over and expect to share your husband's sports car. Sounds like a great time to teach a real lesson instead of just the ideals.
  • No. You should have a talk with the neighbor kids and parents. Tell them you don't mind if they use your trampoline, but they need to come to your door and ask for permission first. Then you can explain how everyone in your house takes turns. If they can't follow your rules, they aren't allowed to use your trampoline.
  • No, you should politely speak with the kids first and then the parents. First of all, that is your trampoline and your children get priority. That is not being rude. You are being kind allowing others to use your trampoline. The kids need to understand if your children are playing on it, they are going to have to wait or come back later.
  • There's a big difference between sharing and letting other people use your kindness. I wouldn't allow your neighbors kids to think they are entitled to use your children's things like this. They need to learn that an invitation is the way to go in situations like this.
  • No, your kids on your trampoline. I'd say the kids that climb over the fence are not invited guests and are not welcome. It's different if you invite them over. But it does not sound like this is the case. I'd suggest you tell the parents and kids that they have lost their opportunity to play on the trampoline. Kids seem to think that they are God's gift and just deserve everything. I've got neighbor kids that would be the same way and I hate it.
  • I am concerned about your liability if one of those "fence jumpers' got hurt at your residence. You may want to use that issue as a reason to not allow the neighborhood kids to come over at all. I would hate to see you get into a legal bind with your neighbors. Be careful!
  • No. You should explain to your neighbours parents that it is not at all SAFE for them to be scaling the fence and that they can only come into your yard when invited. They are being rude and need to be taught that by their parents.
  • No you should'nt and you should'nt allow other kids to plpay on it because if something were to happen it's your responsibility eg; broken arm ,split head
  • Let me get this straight. These kids are climbing the fence to get into you yard without your permission or their parents permission and you want to make your kids get off for them? You want to make your kids make way for trespassers? Are you raising them to share or raising them to be doormats for bullies and criminals? Go out there and tell those young thugs that they may not enter your yard without permission from you and from their parents. Make sure they are looking you in the eyes when you say it and that you get a "yes Ma'am" in reply. Demand it. Call their parents and tell them what they are doing and that the may not do it unless they have rung the doorbell and gotten permission from you, and they have brought a parent along to supervise them. Your homeowners insurance will be tapped and you may be sued if they get hurt on that trampoline and there is probably no more dangerous backyard toy. Don't let those disrespectful young thugs ruin your life and possibly cause you to lose your home.
  • Be nice about it & tell the neighbors children realize that their parents are chronically unemployed bums too cheap to spend a penny on them, BUT, you aren't their parent nor their 'little Jesus'! Tell em they can get a jump a penny which is a better deal than their stingy unemployed parents ever gave them! That's ten jumps for a dime & a hundred jumps for a buck. You can use the money to further your kids education about free market capitalism. See, sharing is a nice touchy feely good thing. But just like welfare is to help the hopeless, it costs! It does not cost the hopeless, it costs YOU! Starts off a few pennies tax, next it like near costs you your home as tax after tax skyrockets to help the freeloaders use YOUR wallet to jump up & down on. If ya did it right, the neighbor kids outta be telling their parents..."misses Jones said if ya'd get off your fat lazy azzes & get a phukin job we could have a life too just like her kids do. It might give em some incentive to improve their kids lot in life. Just a suggestion!
  • I would not make my kids get off, but I would explain to the fence climbers that they should wait to be invited "come to your door" and ask if they can come over and play. This will also be teaching your kids you do not go on others peoples property unless invited.
  • You should speak to your next door neighbour about the problem.

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