• Really? I personally think that Bush spearheading the most successful military campaign since WWII and his raising taxes after he said he wouldn't were just two things that he clearly did. The latter cost him the election, actually, along with not running a re-election campaign based in his high approval rating, as it alienated the presscorps.
  • By what he thought he knew.
  • Unlike another president George W. Bush inhaled, a lot!
  • I think the Bush 43 administration will largely be remembered for putting ideology and their own narrow political needs ahead of *ANY* concern about what was best for the country. . . .
  • By invading two sovereign nations over false pretexts and killing lots of innocent people? Mind you, a good number of American presidents have already done that - more than half. Bush I himself invaded Panama, I believe.
  • By stuff he knew he shouldn't have done, but went ahead and did it anyway.
  • Dubya jr distinguished himself by doing what his dad didn't do.
  • By doing staff without lot of thinking,by being plain stupid!
  • He distinguished himself in many, many ways: 1. The attrocities he said 2. The attrocities he committed 3. Having killed more innocent people than any other president 4. The biggest liar 5. The stupidest ass in the White House 6. Making toilet paper out of the Constitution 7. Bringing back official kidnapping and torture in the name of the US 8. Recruiting the largest amount of terrorists ever - more so than Al Queda 9. Blowing the most money out of president 10. Making the whole world hate the US 11. Making rich people even richer 12. Having the most scandals of any administration 13. Causing the biggest budget deficit in the history of the US 14. Being the most incompetent and hated president to date 15. Speaking English as a second language
  • Don't ever blame marijuana for Bush's behavior. He's a drunk. Period. As far as your question goes, the first Bush did plenty (of harm) and the second did little if anything, on his own. He's a theif, a liar and a downright psychopath.
  • Bushy Jr. distinguished himself by becoming the willing puppet of a bunch of crackpots with an ultra nationalist ajenda - and when their ideology failed - he failed along with it. Bush wasn't a "leader", he was a tool - just a dangerous fool who meddled in things he wasn't smart enough to understand.
  • Look the second Bush was an alcoholic that won the election. Americans need to realize that they voted the alcoholic into office just like they have now voted an anti- American into office. But I should correct myself and not Americand but immigrants that have obtained citizenship and voting rights. If only American voted obama would not win. It took dead voters and ACORN for him to illegally get elected.

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