• No, I want to save money. I don't care what strangers think.
  • Does not bother me. I have looked forward to this age for a long time. AAA discounts are great. Discounts on coffee and food make our day. How about some discounts on gasoline?
  • Absolutely not! I'm willing to make the revelation to save a buck!
  • I Haven't Been Asked Yet,,,But I'm Getting Closer,, Dash Nabbit !!!! LOL!!!
  • I'm almost there but doubt very much that it would bother me to ask for the senior discount....
  • I'm not ashamed to ask for it, but it get's annoying when I have to show proof of age to a snot nose teenager !! :)
  • I am not a senior citizen. YET! But I see no shame in asking for that!!! It's your right!!! Be proud of your self and take advantage of what the world has to offer you. To hell with anyone who thinks differently!!! Just a thought.
  • I don't get one yet... but I don't think I will ask for it when I can get it....
  • How funny.......what about being given the discount and you aren't a senior!!!!! I appreciate savings money whenever I can.
  • Hell no!
  • I take them whenever I can get them. Funny they won't ask you because it embarrasses people. However, they don't let you know they exist either. If you don't know they give them or forget to ask, tough. I've not seen a sign that says, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO ASK FOR YOUR SENIOR DISCOUNT." That would just cost them money and not save any for us. LOL
  • No reason to be ashamed for God's sake .... We ALL age ... and unless we DIE ... will or have been over 55 ... Me; I am going on 60 years YOUNG ; and am not ashamed or embarassed to ask for my discount .....
  • Heck no. I once was asked when I was 45 if I qualified and very tempted to agree.
  • I used to be but that was 7 years ago. As I age, I realize that free stuff is good. I don't use handicapped parking either because I need the exercise, besides it's bad karma if you don't really need it. If and when I get too old to get around, I'll use that too. There aren't too many benefits these days so I think we should use the ones we paid for and need. Do you think I can get Social Security to pay for an electric motor for my bike?
  • No I will ask
  • Of course not...I earned it and money is money.
  • I know I would if I could!
  • not at dont care where...i will take the discount...this May i wll be 55 so...a bit early. Those places saying 65 for a senior discount....absurd.
  • Here in New Zealand, since about last August, for the over-65's carrying a Supergold card, there's free public transport after 9am within your local authority. This includes train, bus and some ferries. It's fantastic. Mum is making use of it and just the other day caught a bus into the city, a ferr across to an island in the harbour, and back again and it didnt cost her a cent. Also found out she can get free coffee at McCafe without making a purchase. Seems life starts at 65 nowadays LoL
  • No, I'm not! I love the discounts available to "seniors" ...
  • Nope, not at all. I like to save money where and when I can. :-)
  • I'm looking forward to any benefits and discounts I can get when I'm that age :-)
  • OK, I am not quite 55 but when the local coffee shop waitress just gave me the discount, I felt like I must look ooold. Then I just felt that she liked me & wanted to give me a discount because I'm a good customer. I may be delusional but it feels a lot better. BTW - next time I went there - no sr discount.
  • It's not a problem. I've been practicing for a decade!
  • can I ask you a question? (Non-offensive- I just need some advice.)
  • Not 55 yet. Sorry. Maybe you should ask old people this question. But they don't believe in the internets!

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