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  • oh yes most definitally. maybe not as much as they do when your super young but i know you must be attracted to saomeone to be happy.
  • It matters to some extent. One is intially attracted to someone by their looks. But it isn't THE most important thing. There has to be great stuff on the inside.
  • Yes. She has to have a face I can look at. Everything else is negotiable.
  • Yeah I think you have got to find the other person attractive in some sort of way, but saying that, someone could be drop dead gorgeous, but their personality could be totally crap, then I wouldn't give them a look in!
  • That depends if you're looking for passion or if you're good with just sex and companionship.
  • I think it does matter. He or she must look handsome or pretty to you. However he or she does not have to be the most handsome or the prettiest.
  • We'd all love to say that looks aren't that important to us, but that would just be a lie. Should they be a deciding factor in dating a person, no. Looks cause initial interest, if there is no physical attraction, most times there will be no emotional attraction. People that look good come off as more confident, cleaner, and it's assumed that they take better care of themselves. So, of course they matter, but does that mean all good looking people are good prospects, HELL NO!
  • well, there's gotta be SOME sex appeal in a relationship....if you're not attracted to your s/o physically as well as emotionally, things wont work.... so yes, it does matter (though its not the deciding factor on whether or not i date someone)
  • It . . .shouldn't! But, 'alas, it usually DOES!
  • Just as much as a sense of humor matters. There are different levels for everything and anything such as wanting a good sense of humor can be shallow.
  • initially yes. as you get to know someone who is not GREAT looking you can become attracted because of chemistry. but let's all agree, don't we want someone who takes care of themselves, cleanliness no.1, and some sense of style so not to stand out as clueless or careless.
  • well i think initially no! i knew my boyfriend for a few years just to see, but when we actually got talking and i got to know him, i fell completley in love with him and then found him very attractive, even though i wouldnt have looked at him like that before. After 5 years we are still together and i still think hes gorgeous!
  • It's what initially attracted me to him.As it turned out,he has an outstanding personality ;)
  • Yes, in the beginnig it definitely does, and should. A person doesn't need to be attractive to everyone, just their prospective partner. I think that once you're deep into the relationship the need for it will be less significant. A good relationship goes far beyond looks but there must be some physical attraction between them.
  • jus PURE hypokricy if any1 sayz 'lookz dont matr'... they DAYAMND wel do... wht 1 findz 'gud-to-luk-at' the othr might not find... but surely... LUKS DO MATTR... peace!!!
  • It does and doesnt to a certain extent To me, looks dont matter THAT much . what matters is how that person present themselves. like, you can have a totally hot guy that dresses sloppily and hasnt showered for a week , didnt shave for a month kindda thing, or a quite big sized woman but knows how to dress up, puts the RIGHT amount of makeup and all that. its how you dress and present yourself matter. because we can't choose our features or atleast the normal average people cant. but we can definitely choose how to present ourselves (:
  • NO!!!!! You could get the most amazing looking guy and he could be the biggest jerk. I have always though and taught my kids that what matters is what is inside a person and how they act. The looks are in the beholders. The ugliest man might be the best looking to someone else. Look with your heart not your eyes.
  • no way man As long as she's cute and skinny I could care less. I'm just not that shallow
  • It does to an extent... as much as it shouldn't. I think you often need to be attracted to another person (or at the very least, not find them physically repulsive!) in order to begin to make the steps towards a relationship. You also need to be physically attracted to them anyway, thats not a big deal though. Very often when you meet somebody who you think is just OK looking (I generally don't think that anybody is ugly - there just aren't ugly people, its weird when you think of it) or maybe the complete opposite of what you normally go for - looks wise - once you get to know them, and see what a beautiful person they are inside, they become the most physically beautiful person in the world to you on the outside too.
  • Yes they do to some degree. There is a certain amount of sexuality that goes with a relationship.
  • Of course it matters! Realize that attractiveness, while perverted through cosmetic surgery, is a visual marker for reproductive health. Symmetry, which has been proven to be the most important factor in attractiveness, is a demonstration of nutritional health. People with asymmetrical features demonstrate a lower lifestyle competency. Beauty is biological.
  • No heck no.
  • Not 100% but that is a bonus! I go for the connection between the two of us. Getting to know someone over the net or phone is a good way to start. +5
  • what looks good to one person, it not necessarly good looking to the next. My sister thinks her boyfriend is great looking...not my taste and vice versa...but we are both happy in our relationships
  • Yes. I want to be with someone I can look at. However, if I truly love the person, he will look handsome to me no matter what.
  • Yes. Looks matter. We wouldn't be with someone that we were not attracted to. However, how someone appears to us can be influenced by other attributes, such as personality or sense of humor. The most gorgeous guy in the world could be completely unattractive if they have a horrible personality.
  • Yes. Looks are not the only thing that matter, but it is definitely an important piece of the jigsaw.
  • YES!!! Not beauty as such, but there has to be something in their features that is attractive to you (never mind anyone else); just something adorable about them. You have to know that in the first seconds of waking each morning, if you should be lying face to face, your reaction will be one of joy and love and not of jumping out of your skin.
  • HELL YEAH !!! I couldn't and still can't date someone who is not pretty and fit. I know that this sounds harsh but I have come to realize that's something I want and need. As for " it's the inside that counts" part, you better believe it that if they are not nice, humble, and caring they are out the door !!!
  • of course
  • Most definitey!!!!! That's what attracts us the other person. But some people don't care about that, I have a beautiful female friend who doesn't like to date good looking guys.

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