• Have you seen they are really fortunate?In what terms?
  • That's man's doings. We all pop out of the womb slimy, squealing and jerking our little hands and feet around and without a data base..
  • A very brilliant man on here said something to me once that I'll never forget. We were on the phone & I was telling him how jealous of him I was about what he's done & where he's been in life & his response changed my entire outlook. He said, Yeh but you have 1 thing that I don't, a child. He made me realize that the grass is NEVER greener on the other side. Now, I wake up more grateful every morning
  • Maybe it is Fate and not God or maybe it is know, you were a bad person in a prior life so you have to make up for it in this life? The better question is this...why do some people who lead such tragic lives stay optimistic, hopeful and positive while some people who have "everything" are always unhappy and complain about everything? Happy Thursday! :)
  • God has different purposes for all of us. He is the Potter and we are His clay. If more is given, more will be expected.
  • Is this about the cow looking over at the other side of the fence?
  • not sure, you need to ask god that question

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