• He got his friend to text me. It was harsh.
  • In Sex & The City, Carrie was dumped by Burger on a Post It Note
  • Right after I finished screwing her, I told her.
  • We were laying in bed, cuddling and we decided the relationship wasn't working out; that beyond physical contact there wasn't anything. We continued cuddling until I eventually left.
  • 10 days before our wedding i caught her in bed with another dude.i shot her and went to jail almost 6 years for attempted murder pled down to agg that interresting?
  • First, I want to offer my condolences on getting dumped. I assure you, it is his loss, not yours. If he did not have the decency to tell you face to face, then he is an individual of very little quality. Did you expect that you would get dumped or were you blindsided? We are all friends on Answerbag and we hope things go better for you really soon. I would take some time to get over the break up. After all, you are not made of steel. He was wrong not to consider your feelings. Remember, there is someone even better out there for you. Do not give up! Good luck! Remember, there will be better days.
  • A guy told my friend that it was over between us.
  • I had garlic fries just before our date. We kissed hello and I guess it was also a goodbye kiss. Never saw her again.
  • Well first off that guy or girl hasn't got balls if he had to dump you on facebook instead of face to face which he should have done.Oh and i was dumped by text message.
  • I came home one day and met my husbands mistress..that was interesting :)
  • i once did a very terrible thing. i have not stopped regretting it. my girlfriend had been neglecting me, flirting with other guys (in front of me), not acknowledging the things i did for her and taking me for granted, but i still loved her very much. one night i (after a few glasses of whiskey) got angry at her usual lack of being with me, (she dissapeares a lot) so i sent her the message 'its over. sorry' the next day i apologised and said i didnt mean it. her response: 'i dont give second chances' its true she was being a terrible girlfriend, but i cant seem to forgive myself for hurting her like that, even thhough she hurt me more.
  • a guy told my friends to tell me it was over. he said he could never tell me the reason why... never found out what he meant by that
  • That was a horrible way to break up with you :( he obviously had no balls
  • He sounds like a total jerk. Facebook?!?!! Ugh, the modern equivalent to dumping via a note. Yes, I was broken up with in a note in high school. My first major boyfriend. He actually apologized for that several years after that, and we still talk. Younger boys are stupid. LOL. For boys past age 15 or 16... text message breakups and the like are LAME!!!!!!!
  • Thanks for bringing up my more humiliating moments. Just when I had gotten over some of them, you come along and brighten my day.
  • Wow...that's really cold. I'm sorry to hear that. My ex and I live a few hundred miles apart. It was obvious she would never commit. She also lied and had another "friend" that she started visiting as much as she used to visit me. And shortly after she met this other "friend," she was suddenly no longer interested in me physically. I broke up on the phone. She flew out to try and talk me out of it, and her "friend" helped pay for the ticket. Needless to say, she didn't talk me out of it.
  • That sucks!! I caught one of my exs cheating and left. You will find someone better :0)
  • He called and dumped me, what a little peon. My life is the better for it though, rest assured. There is a Prince Charming for you my dearest friend, I assure you, and once you are swept off of your feet you will not remember anyone who came before your Prince. :)
  • Wow! did you read spacemonkey!I was just gonna say that he asked me out for a drink like head on IN PERSON, but holy shit! Remind me not to get on that guy's bad side!Shit!
  • By a text message
  • foundout i was a booking that week
  • I abandoned Facebook for similar reasons. +2
  • That's terrible, he obviously was not the right guy for you. I hope you feel better about things soon! I accidentally dumped my last boyfriend over the phone, I was on my way to his house to break up with him and he said something on the phone about our plans for the next weekend and I responded that we needed to talk about it. He asked if the shine had worn off and I was dumping him and I didn't want to lie so I asseverated and admitted that was why I was coming to his house. It turns out, I heard through the grapevine, that he was only kidding when he asked. He was such a sweet guy, I still feel terrible about that.
  • My stepdaughter was dumped via a text message.
  • If you were dating an adult then a facbook breakup shows they were not an adult mentally. If someone can not do the right thing face to face they are trash. Emails....facebook.....myspace....texting are not ways to end relationships. I have no interesting story of break up cause I always did it face to face like a real man should do.
  • My last girlfriend of 3 years dumped me via text while she was on vacation with another girl...go figure.
  • My wife had her boyfriend beat me up.

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