• In my own opinion, speed limiters are a flawed concept. They're generally easy to bypass, so someone who wishes to go fast will simply bypass the limiter and then reset it to avoid detection. That aside, I'm a big believer in personal responsibility. Speed limiters take the responsibility of obeying speed limits away from drivers, but it also removes the possibility of speeding in a situation which needs it. What if that driver needs to speed up temporarily to pass someone, or avoid an accident? What if the general flow of traffic is closer to 75-80, and the trick is obstructing the flow of traffic at its lower speed? I personally would never purchase a car with a speed limiter, and if one was given to me I would bypass it. I am perfectly capable of controlling the speed I travel at on my own.
  • The day someone puts a governor on my truck will be the day that the dealer can have it back..As far as the comment above, most cars in US are governed at around 100 mph,, in case you forgot..

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