• Critical thinking. # I also think Philosophy is extremely useful in teaching people how to identify and make valid arguments. It also opens people up to opinions as opposed to the standard "this is the right answer" approach.
  • Financial management. I volunteered as a "credit counselor" at the local rec center and it astounded me how many people had themselves dug so far into the hole financially at such a young age. They did not teach this in Home Economics when/where I went to school which truly baffled me.
  • A finance class that covers the basics...I mean the really basic basics like what a budget is, how to balance your checkbook, how to deal with taxes etc.
  • Common Sense Classes
  • Social Etiquette/Manners.
  • I agree with Nevets about the philosophy course, but I think there should be a class specifically for writing and speaking. I know that there are speech classes, but they should deeply focus on people's vocabulary and their flow of sentences. People need to learn to speak and write eloquently, because it goes a long way when they get out on their own. Communication was essential in life and still is.
  • Learning to be independent and not rely on evryone else. Kids I know are given too much without having to work for it and it makes them lazy with no aspiration to succeed.

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