• Like George Costanza in Seinfeld when he didn't get his thank you wave. I think it was George.
  • It makes me feel like there having a bad day and i should probably help them to have a better day by not saying anything to make them angry.
  • Oh, that really burns me up, especially if they passed very close to me....or worse - stopped directly in front of where I was looking!!! I give them a pointed "excuse me" when those things happen. Even my little girls have better manners than that.
  • like walking infront of them back! hahah!
  • Mad. Then I think why are people so rude?
  • Furious!
  • It lets me know that this person is rude, thoughtless, selfish and ignorant about manners. A "please", a "thank you", an "excuse me"..these are the words that grease the wheels of society. Ignoring them, either as the recipient or not extending them to others indicates extreme ignorance, carelessness and self-centeredness! :)
  • I have a sense of karma about those events these days, used to piss me off...
  • if there is no room, That they are rude, but i won't say anything. If there is room, no problem, and most people are polite and say excuse me etc.
  • Sometimes, I say "Excuse You", JUST loud enough they can hear. Sometimes I don't. Wanna REALLY know how I feel about things like that? See
  • I would feel angry because that person is rude and disrespectful.
  • It annoys me to no end. My mother does that all the time. I always apologize to the people my mother is rude to, because she doesn't have the manners to herself. People always act like they own they store. Uggh! I can't stand when people act like that! Sorry for my rant, but I have always wanted to get that of my chest.
  • invisible. :(
  • I'm not bothered in the least.
  • It makes me feel like "accidentally" bumping into then very hard, then saying... Oh!!! Excuse you !! ;-)
  • I hardly notice it. I've decided life's too short to stress about unintentional rudeness.
  • well, if there's no room for them to walk behind me, and i don't have to move for them to get by in front of me, why should i care. i think some people are just offended too easily! and really, i think i have come to be more surprised at people being nice than at people being rude...kinda sad to say.
  • I figure some people are just too shy to make the contact. I've noticed that some are courteous and try to take another route, and or try to get past as quickly as possible, and may not speak up when they do, but their body language has shown respect. It can be difficult to know who's just plain rude, and who's a bit shy.
  • very angry that they cant even have the manners to say excuse me the closer they do it to me the madder i get.
  • I think they are pretty rude ... I have to bite my tongue sometimes, but other times I just say "Excuse Me"! Sometimes they just look at me like they have no clue what's wrong!
  • that get me mad, I look at them stupid and say all loud excuse you...
  • I just want to mention that someone has trolled this section-I had given you all points for answering! Now they are gone! Friggin' wippersnapper!
  • It makes me feel like I'm in their way even though I'm not.
  • It doesn't bother me if they don't push past rudely but what I really get fumed up about is where a person barges past and says "excuuuse me" in a really loud voice as if I am in their way, particularly when there was room for them to have gone behind me. Then there are the people who creep up behind me and do the same. If they asked nicely I wouldn't think it was rude.
  • 6-19-2017 I do not expect a stranger in a store to acknowledge my presence in any way.
  • I don't allow other people to choose how I feel for me. I make that choice. In this instance it would depend how fast they're moving most times I just blink a couple times and they're gone anyway. If I was looking at something closely there wouldn't be room between me and it for someone to walk. If I was gazing at something from a distance and somebody happened to pass by I sure wouldn't get upset with them because I didn't choose to stand closer to the object of my gazing.

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