• Keeping your virginity is something scoffed at when youre young, yet glorified when you are older. Keep it.
  • Be safe..
  • Don't fall victim to the pressures of today's society. When you're older, you'll find that you're glad you didn't do those things and you'll enjoy the best things in life with someone who really matters to you.
  • Be patient.
  • As hard as it may be, always be guided by common sense and reasoning, and not by your feelings. Feelings change, but common sense always stays true.
  • God gave us two things to enjoy; Food because it brings people together for conversation and sharing of ideas. likewise He gave us sex to be enjoyed by all as it brings people together for enjoyment. While I am sure some will not agree with this reference I offer it as a help...I do not agree with it totally either. It does have some very good information however
  • Always pull out!
  • Keep yourself pure until marriage!!! It will be the best gift you can give your spouse.
  • Avoid sex before marriage!That's it....
  • Be the person you want to be no matter what your friends say or do. In others words, don't conform to what everyone is doing because of peer pressure. Live your life the way that you THINK is right and be confident in your choices and in who you are. This is your life and only you live with the consequences. Your friends don't have to face your consequences. So, believe in yourself and think for yourself. Life is just to short to follow the pack. Live your own life.
  • "it's quite possible that your parents are right about 96% of the time."
  • I would tell girls, not to put there heart between there legs. Don’t mistake love for sex. Too many girls and grown women do that. They need to love themselves first. I'm not going to say wait till you get married, just wait till you meet the right one. If he loves you he will wait, he really will, You control your body. No one else.
  • Sex isn't love. Don't be so fast substitute sexuality for romance. Once that bridge is crossed, you lose something special. Enjoy that very short and precious time when touching hands can be the most sexually exciting thing in the world. I think that is why the book (and movie) Twilight has been so appealing to teens. It's speaking to that intense love that has nothing to do with sex.
  • Once you have sex it is the quickest way to seeing a relationship fall apart, because that is all that is about when you are younger.
  • Forget about what other people think. At the end of the day the opinion that matters belongs to you and the people you really care about. Stick it out and in a few years you will probably never see these other people again as you will all move on. --- No boy/girlfriend is ever worth ruining relationships with family or friends. --- Girls - wear less make up!! You have young skin, let it breathe. Start a good skincare regime, drink lots of water, cut down on junk food, meat and dairy products and your skin will look great without all the warpaint.
  • Don't do certain things just because you're friends are doing it. Its okay to be unique and probably still a virgin . Don't rush into stuff like sex just because you feel like you're the only one who hasnt done it. Sex is what most guys are in a relationship for and the ones who arent , are willing to wait (:
  • Id say "quit acting like you know everything because you don't".Its ok to admit you're nervous or scared.
  • Love em and leave em, dude.
  • Never do something just because EVERYONE ELSE is doing it. I'm 19, by the way, so it's not like I'm a middle-aged adult who looks down on teachers. I'm saying this because it's very wise advice.
  • Abstinence is best.
  • if ya do it i will murder you
  • Use a bloody condom!
  • Please please please, use protection!
  • To be fair if you feel ready for sex do it, the chances are your spoyse wont be a virgin and i dont see the big deal about sex with virgins, its awkward. always use a condom.

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