• the people i ride for. they tend to be more money thatn sense, buy a horse they cant handle, spoil it, get scared of it and then pay me to ride it. theyre fine, just wouldnt want them as friends
  • My Boss's at work, they just cannot see the wood for the trees, if you buy cheap materials, you will produce an inferior product that no body wants to have!! pretty soon there's stockpiles of product that is only costing you storage, no money coming in but plenty going out :-/ and they call themselves managers, Lol...... FFS! Sorry language I know!! I can do nothing!!
  • Use to be my older brother but he stop coming around once I stopped giving him money.
  • A lady I work with. She is on the same level as me but she is so bossy. She's a huge lady and she's lazy so she always tells me that we need to do this but really she means me. She watches me do it and if I don't do it to her liking she yells at me. WTF? All the guys in the office are scared of her...even the boss won't speak up. I have to tolerate her bc if I don't she will always be bitchy as aposed to only half the time.
  • My nephew, he is scum, but I tolerate him on family occasions for my mother's sake.
  • The other kids in my math class. They are loud, rude, make fun of people and do things that just annoy me so much, but I tolerate them cause I see them basicly every weekday...
  • religious fanatics...cause theres so many of em

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