• It never stays the same,unless you are dead!
  • All of the above;)
  • it gets better, it gets worse and sometimes it seems the same for a while... It's always changing though...
  • All three. Certain things are better--my kids are the greatest things that have ever happened to me. I wouldn't trade them for the world. Certain things are worse--it can be stressful to provide for my kids and try to bring in enough money to pay all of the bills, etc. Certain things are the same--I still will get together with my friends I grew up with and we still act like we're 13 at times. Overall though, I would say life gets better as you get older and wiser.
  • There was a study a few years back, I should google it. Anyway, they asked many people of many ages what stage of their life was the best. On average, people chose the age they were, which tells me something gets better.
  • that depends on how much work you put into it or how lucky you are. my life is getting better and better as every day goes by, and i hope yours is too :)
  • Everyday closer to death (Naturally) is a better day
  • Depends whose life it is. For some it gets better, for some it gets worse, no one stays the same.
  • If you keep striving it will get better. If you give up it will get worse. It hardly ever stays the same.
  • Even though you go through bad times throughout life; I think it gets better and better.
  • one has to work at it to make it just doesnt get better by itself. it generally needs attention to detail.
  • Depends on you and you alone.
  • It is different for every individual, for some itgets better, for some it gets worse, but it rarely stays the same.
  • Every day is filled with new experiences. Some we have control over and some we don't. My life is a roller coaster of events. I believe it gets better because of all the experiences we have to deal with in our lives both positive and negative. As time goes on I am spiritually stronger and mentally more at peace. If I did not have the bad experienced in life that I did, I wouldn't be who I am today...a caring and understanding soul...
  • You get out of life what you put into it. Then again, unexpected terrible things do happen sometimes no matter how hard you try. It's just the way the world works. Life progresses, but in no particular way.
  • Life has progressed well for me. I have retired from active service in the government about nine years. Life is much better now. I have more time to pursue my commitments like more time to read and to study the Word of God, serve in some ways in the local church, learn my Mandarin Chinese, spend more time with my wife, grandchildren, friends and relatives.
  • Progressively worse. All down hill since Garden of Eden. Always.
  • Life is a function of attitude. If your attitude and your energy are strong, and your will and logic sound, then it is a constant and exciting journey into the unknown with hope and joy. Otherwise, it is the net result of what happens to you every day and you are at the mercy of times folly as you strive to rationalize the debacle before you :-)
  • Ever been on a roller coaster. A bit like that. Only the car doesn't go back to the station.
  • It's like a see-saw it goes up and down.
  • One or more of those listed. No defined pattern.

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