• Were it not for the liberal standard, the lack of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, we would not be in this mess. The biggest difference between a Republican and a Democrat is a Republican will own up to a mistake and try to fix it and a Democrat will hire a lawyer, deny everything, or blame it on global warming. BTW - the mortgage crisis was because of financial policies implemented during the CLINTON administration.
  • Yes. Where is the Balanced Budget the Republicans Claim that they're all for?
  • Domestic money, does not come to your pocket, but in wars, they do.
  • Do not blame your government you cowards! This is what your ignorance rewards you with. Begin to be honest with yourselves and you will see the path to recovery.
  • Failed conservative ideology? We have had leaders who have continually lied and cheated for decades now about anything and everything. We need to take responsibility as a nation and learn what the issues mean. It's more important for people to sit in front of their TV's and learn about baseball scores than it is to know who their congressmen are and what they stand for. It's really sickening. Education is out the window, but everyone knows who Brittney Spears is dating.

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