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  • Is it possible? Yes. But I encourage you to have hope. Took me over forty years to find the right man and he was so worth the wait.
  • I'm also still searching for "mrs right".....and live on hope beyond hope that one day I will....
  • who knows? but you are soo not alone in this quest. just read a really funny read titled Mr. Maybe by Jane Green. check it out from your library for some good laughs!
  • yes unfortuneatly it happens but then when you least expect it he could be just around the corner.
  • It is indeed possible, and it happens to a lot of people. I am 46 years old - never married, never found Mr Right - or rather, they never found me - I have met loads of people I liked over the years, but noone ever wanted me. So, I shall remain single. I am not the only one - there are other people out there who never find anyone.
  • Yup, I definitely believe its possible. I also feel like I will always be alone. Some people may never find their soul mate, or just as possibly find them and screw it up. Sometime our fates just suck.
  • Only if they're looking for "Mr. Perfect!" There are no perfect men and there are no perfect people.
  • Yes. For many people that "ideal" is not really the ideal. We are so brainwashed into thinking that we have to have a significant other to be whole, but it isn't true. You are complete in and of your self. If you happen to find someone who truly complements your life and with whom your life is truly better, that's wonderful. But it doesn't always happen. * Make the most of your life. What comes will come. * Advice On Gaining Health By Nurturing Your Self * :)
  • Do you socialize? Or do you stay home? How much effort do you put into meeting the person you hope to meet? You need to be seen in order to be noticed. Good luck.
  • yeah life sucks, get used to, cuz everybody else has to XD
  • Can I tell you something? Men believe or not, feel that desperation from a woman to find "the one". I'm young and even i've had those feelings. But at the end of the day, no matter how much you look and no matter how available you make yourself, life goes the way its going to go. Please sit back and keep dating. That person will show up, infront of your face and everything will just click. "You can't hurry love, no you'll just have to wait." It is possible to find mr.right, but first you have to find confidence in yourself and happiness in your life. You will find him then.
  • While you wait - why not date a number of 'mr will-do's for right now' One of them may end up as 'mr right' - and in the meantime you will be occupying your time and energy... And don't feel too isolated in your quest - I wish I could find my 'Ms right' : )
  • Loneliness is very hard to bear...and it is possible that you may never find that special someone. It's totally cliched, but you will find him when you're not looking.... My heart goes out to you and I hope that you do find someone to share your life with. But if you don't I hope you find joy in yourself, your friends, and your family.
  • Yes my aunt for example. she's been a nurse and alone all her life. But she's WW2 generation. so there was a lack of men. And I also think it has something to do with your attitude. If you are always like that you'll never find someone. Maybe you should just dress up go out and do the first move yourself for once.
  • C and C, I am devoutly single, but I remember feeling the way you do and wasted a lot of precious time and energy "looking" for "Mr. Right." You may be trying way too hard and latching onto the first one who seems to be giving you attention. As difficult as it may seem at first, go solo and ENJOY YOURSELF. Do things to celebrate YOU, and what gives YOU pleasure. Unburden yourself. You may possibly not meet anyone, but you'll never be alone as long as you have YOU. I personally don't think I have the "stuff" for relationships, but who knows? When you least expect it...
  • Yes, it is possible. But the main question if you want to find Mr Right is: are you Mrs Right? I mean: without wanting to play a role, could it be that the sum of what you are at the moment could be different from what people are looking for? Maybe you have some qualities, but it is what people who want to have a partner fore life are looking for? Also, look for Mr Right, don't look for Mr Better or Mr Perfect...
  • Yes, it is possible some people never find their perfect mate, but they do find a mate and you may find that many people wouldn't trade their mates for all the tea in China. I found mine in a bank lobby and 32 years later I love her more than ever! Get out more, do things. Shop, go to events, stop at that coffee shop, take walks, visit your never know.
  • Sure! Those who are too "picky", too materialistic, too shallow, or otherwise don't spend enough time and energy looking, will most likely never find their S/O. What about the "ordinary" fellows? Does "Mr right" HAVE to be a jock, face-man, tall, or rich? Think about it. Good luck!
  • Yes it is quite possible but a lot of people settle for companionship and do not wait for" the big love of my life" which may never happen
  • bad news:the possibility exists; good news:love's everywhere
  • I think it is important that you stop being negative about finding someone. It's a turn off. Finding someone is a matter of exposure, so don't sit at home. Be a joiner, a volunteer, go where nice people like you hang out. Good luck to you!
  • some people are destined to be alone
  • Just to play devils advocate here - could it be possible that we only learn and grow from the mr / mrs "wrongs" ?
  • Given that about 92 million American adults are single (and many are divorced, some multiple times...:-P..), it seems there are a LOT of people who have not found Mr./Ms. Right. . Remember, . Law #1: You can't win . Law #2: You can't even break even . Law #3: You can't get out of the game. . Good luck . . .
  • i'm 24 and single. I've never been kissed or touched by any guy. I've been out on 2 dates in the last 3 years. I know exactly how you feel, but don't give up. I'm sure you will find someone and he will be right person for you. Just manifest it by focusing on your positive attributes and beleiving that you are worthy of being in love with the right person. Good luck
  • chin up there little buckaroo....have you ever thought that maybe now is not the time for you to meet mr right? I would just live your life and be with your friends. Eventually mr right will come thru the door when you least expect it.
  • Sure. The people who are not perfect but keep looking for perfection. They never find anyone "good enough" for them. When they do, they leave when things aren't to their liking exactly. Now, most of us realize we ain't perfect so we don't seek perfection...we find someone we can love and live happily ever after, imperfections and all! Happy Saturday! :)
  • Who knows, he could be right under your nose and you may not know it.
  • i am same position as you.i am 41 and divorced, but i try to be do the same you never know.we can do things if we want.think about what you did in life so far!you will see that you did it what ever happend because you this case is same as other.all the best for both of us.
  • I think it's possible that a lot of people just settle. I would rather be alone, than with someone who irritates me for whatever reason.
  • I definately believe that there are those of us who are doomed to be alone in our lives ... with NO s/o. +5

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