• I think so. The fact is that he was the President so the buck stops with him. Agreed, his advisers were evil, but those were his decisions to make.
  • Yes - why not ask everyone if bears $hit in the woods.....!!!
  • Haha, the only thing he was a victim of was his own stupidity & incompetence!
  • Hell yes. It's a crock of shit. Imagine the President as a "puppet." That f--knut knew what he was doing. He's (amazingly enough) just not stupid enough to know that there's no apologizing for it.
  • Absolutely!! Particularly when contrasted against the finger-pointing and blame game which has surrounded his presidency, practically from "day one. This is a new role for George Walker Bush: Beginning with his first presidential campaign and throughout the course of his presidency, we have had Bush the 'Compassionate Conservative' and Bush the 'Culture War' president. We have Bush the "War President" -- who says he has been to war. This is the George W. Bush who is credited with the Bush doctrine of preemptive war and regime change and who is willing to fight the terrorists in Iraq so we don't have to fight them here at home. Then we have the George W. Bush who lives in Georgeland, which is 'like America, but nicer,' and who has a tendency for long and frequent vacations. And it is George W. Bush, leader of the Bush theocracy, who not only has conversations with God, not an unusual claim at all, but who also 'believes that God is dictating American foreign policy.' apparently addressing the president each time as 'George', having told him, in three separate briefings: 'Go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan ... go and end the tyranny in Iraq ... go and get the Palestinians their state and get the Israelis their security.' It's perhaps surprising that divine revelation should so precisely coincide with State Department policy during the Bush administration. A Fundamentalist believer would explain this overlap by saying that the president is simply being obedient to God, but it seems rather convenient to have a supreme overlord whose politics so closely mirror your own. The really interesting question for George Walker Bush would be whether God has ever told him he was wrong about anything, whether the Maker has broken administration policy as well as making it. We're unlikely to get clarification on this: Bush's previous religious admissions have suggested that God was a kind of vice-president, whereas eventually it seemed that George is the running mate. The political risk of this is obvious. If God is directing American foreign policy, He is presumably also advising on domestic issues, such as Supreme Court nominations. If so, Bush would face the fascinating task of explaining to the Christian right why God advised against a Supreme Court justice who was 'too-associated' with Christian Fundamentalists.
  • Half media creation - half GOP propaganda.
  • It's just another example of the Hubris that pervades the Republican Mindset.
  • I think his "dumb act" started from simple stage fright; then he realized how useful it would be. People who saw him in meetings previous to his presidency say he acted totally different than on TV.
  • The American media is so malicious ... who knows may be it IS a new creation ....
  • Yes, the corporate media is very kind to Republicans and very harsh on Democrats. That self-victimization trick is one that Bush learned from Israel
  • Sorry, I hadn't noticed. +5
  • If you are watching it, YOU are the media creation. Even when you disagree with their spin, the good spinsters have already planned out that contingency. They know full well they are cultivating an 'us' and 'them' mentality and they profit from doing so. The whole "Bush as the Victim" thing isn't about changing anyone's mind, it's about keeping the Republicans republican and the Democrats democrats. See beyond the illusion. Both parties have the exact same root agenda!
  • Yep because the media is in charge of thinking for so many people. They hear it in the media and they tbelieve it and no longer think for themselves. It was on the news so it is true and theydo not even use their brains at all.

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