• umm....that would be YOUR body spray some air freshner. =)
  • Maybe It's some dirty laundry and take everything out and disenfect the closet and spray some febreze on the bathroom.
  • Take out all your clothes out of closet and have them all cleaned and clean out closet. Then scrub down your bathroom. and use spic and span.
  • what your smelling is your body odor. wash your clothes and clean your bathroom for a change
  • It's the body oils and dead skin cells that get stuck in your clothes. Even with washing, sometimes the oils stay in and after some time, even a few days in humid or hot weather, they go rancid.
  • Have your air vents cleaned out also if you have any drains in your home/appartment that you are not using a sewer like smell might seep back up so to fix it all you have to do is pour water down the drain about once a week until the smell is gone then follow up by pouring water down the drain once every month.
  • move some of the dirty cloths around in your bathroom until you find a big long tub. That's called a bathtub. Use it.
  • Could be some odour-causing bacteria left behind on some surface by something sweaty. Just spray it with some good antibacterial spray, then a deodorizer (rather than air freshener which will only mask the smell), open a window and wait a day or so. If that doesn't work, could be moisture build up somewhere behind some wood like the walls and floorboards providing dark, damp and warm conditions- conditions suited best for mold. Sometimes mold can release odors. Best to get a specialist in to attack that problem. If it isn't that then maybe (I hope not) some small dead creature is decomposing somewhere unseen. I just can't think of anything else.
  • Dirty clothes and dirty bathroom. Wash the clothes and the bathroom. Buy a couple of cans of Lysol' don't be afraid to use 'em.
  • Hunt for a pair of dirty underwear stashed in a corner.
  • Possibly mold, or worse black mold. If your house is clean but, damp this could be the cause. To also to let you know, mold is dangerous to your health, also could be fatal in extreme cases. Now if you house, laundry etc., is clean but the smell still exist, have it checked for mold, due to constant dampness.
  • break down the walls and check for bodies :)
  • I know that it is rather amusing...a B.O. smell in the bathroom with no obvious cause. However, I have the same issue. It is worse when the shower is turned on. There are no clothes in the bathroom, and we clean all the time. Our house is, as some people say, "spotless". But, we still have this smell that I cannot locate the source. And yes, is smells just like BO. We even stopped using this bathroom because of the problem. Turn the shower on ( after long period of no use), and bingo, the smell returns. No bodies, no clothes, no hidden underwear, and no, it's not the sewer.
  • its from dirty cloths and shoes stuff that is sweaty or dirty thats in your room.
  • Body odor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Time for the good old fall cleaning. Deep cleaning.

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