• It is never okay to keep rabbits together unless they are spayed or neutered. It doesn't matter if they are same sex or related. They don't care. Rabbits are territorial and need their own space. As they age, they will may begin to have dominance issues and will fight to keep their territory or show they are boss. They can bite, scratch and chomp each severely. Plus if they are opposite sex, they will mate constantly, and too early for healthy safe breedings. And if they are related the kits could be deformed or sickly. Rabbits need to be at least 6-10 months old to breed safely, but they get mature earlier than that so separation is the only way to keep them from mating. They can mate successfully as early as 10-12 weeks of age, way too early for any breed. I highly recommend getting them both spayed or neutered. They will become much better pets, much less biting and scratching, can live together if you bond them, and they may live longer as they probably won't get the diseases like cancer that afflicts many unaltered rabbits, especially does. 70% of all unspayed does get uterine cancer.

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