• you probably could but i dont know if it would work
  • My mailman would not pick it up because it is not guaranteed postage back to the sender. If you want to slap a new stamp on the mail, sure, it would work.
  • Put it in a post box, unstamped, not return to sender but write "unwanted junk" or something like that, and the address of the company that sent it. They will then have to pay to have it back. I do this in the UK and I can assure you that for two years Ive not had a single piece of junk. They learn quick when they have to pay to have it back !!
  • There is a website you can go to if you want to be taken off the "list" for pre-authorized credit card offers that are mailed to you. I think that is the most junk mail I receive. The website is
  • Nope. It is bulk rate mail, and the P.O. will not return it unless you put postage on it and address it back to sender.
  • In Canada we all can mail any size package to our member of parliament for free, so I pack up my unadressed junkmail once per month and mail it to him with a note asking that he look into stopping this spam. Do you not have free mail to your Congressional Rep in the US?
  • Unless the mail piece has an endorsement (Return Service Requested, Address Service Requested) then it will be disposed of by the Postal Service if you do this. However, there is a way to get your name off of mailing lists. At this site there is a form to get off of mailing lists. It says here: 3. Register for DMA's Mail Preference Service (MPS) Please note that signing up with MPS may prevent you from receiving mail you want, such as: new catalogues, coupons, announcements about new businesses in your community, and notices of special offers. Because some mailings are prepared far in advance, please allow 30-90 days for your registration with MPS become fully effective. MPS will substantially decrease the amount of national advertising mail you receive. DMA's Mail Preference Service will help to remove your name and address from prospect mailing lists. Members of the DMA are required to use our name-removal service, and other marketers are encouraged to use it. Although the typical consumer sees a great reduction in the unsolicited mail he or she receives not all commercial mail will stop. You will continue to receive mail from companies with which you already do business and from non-DMA member companies that do not use our service. In addition, you may continue to receive mail from local merchants, professional and alumni associations, political candidates and office holders, and mail addressed to "resident/occupant." Please note that MPS applies only to home addresses, not business addresses. How to Register for MPS: You can register for MPS two ways: Fill out the online form below with all required information. There is a $1 fee, payable by credit card, which verifies your registration and helps to protect our system from fraud. DMA uses secure payment transaction processing to protect your credit card information. Registering online is the fastest way to see results. OR Fill out the mail-in registration form below with all required information. Print the form and mail it with a $1 check or money order, payable to the Direct Marketing Association, to the address on the form. Processing by mail takes longer than online registration.
  • collect all your junk mail, wait for some that has return envelopes with them...sometimes the banks send these along...stuff all the junk mail into them....send to
  • I send everything they send back to them in the postage paid return envelope.
  • My brother is a mail carrier. He says that you should take all of the blank inserts, stick them in the postage paid envelope and send them off. The mail carrier will have to pick them up, and the company will have to pay the return postage for blank forms. The companies don't pay that postage until it is sent back.
  • No, but you can have lot of fun with the ones with prepaid return postage. I have. hahahaha :) I have even cut out really silly or stupid jokes, with the persistant ones or cut out for ads from the classified ie...apts for rent, sales items, yard sales and wanted ads.
  • I do. some of it is returned, the other winds up in the dead end office in the post office. Junk mail is a big problem for the post office. returning it to the sender, just really complicates the situation. No wonder stamps are becoming more and more expensive.
  • The United States Postal Service's Domestic Mail Manual, section 504, states that you can write "REFUSED" on any unopened mailpiece and have it returned to sender for free.
  • You can put that on anything you like.
  • In England you can return the junkmail to anyone free. The only problem is though the people who sent it don't delete you off their mailing list. New companies also buy out of date mailing lists and that is why you'll get previous owners of your house's stuff sent to you.
  • I tend to save junk mail in a large box and use it for fire starter when we have bonfires a few times a year. Why waste the effort of remailing it when it accomplishes nothing that benefits me? I'm still on all those mailing lists. I used to send things back and ask to be removed from the mail lists, but that didn't work, so I just burn it.
  • Try reading here, United States Postal Service (USPS), Section 770 Undeliverable Mail
  • Yes, but only if it is first-class mail. 3rd class garbage isn't returned to the sender. I had a rubber stamp made that I use that reads, "RETURN TO SENDER." It saves me a lot of handwriting. +5
  • Ask Elvis, some one had to say it might as well be me.
  • Don't fancy a part-time job for no pay. Easier just to it.
  • you could but you wont know if it made it back or not because you would still get mail. ALso i do think it would be funny to see the persons face of whoever got it because they would never think someone would send it back.
  • Must say, I have never think of it. Tempting, very tempting....
  • You know what forget my joke answer ! that's not a bad idea I might start doing it, might make the Post Office angry enough to stop posting it to me.

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