• Not at all. Tell the man/child to grow up.
  • No, i read it a while ago and Chism who's the guy beaten a 15 year old m0nth deserves to be in pris0n forever. I really hate the case like that. He d0nt have the right to beat the child.
  • Oh sh**! That sounds like an abusive person who was just getting a bit out-of-hand with the malevolent behavior. I don't care how much she "disrespected" you, you don't go beating the 15-month-old child with a belt for 90 to 120 minutes. But in this case, beating a child to death because she wouldn't eat her food and then later woke up after she was told to go to sleep is ridiculous.
  • I hope he rots in there. I have no sympathy. And I feel happy to know my tax dollars is going to keep him in prison.
  • B S !!!,, disrespect ? from a 15 month old, they dont even know what that means yet, maybe someone should 'disrespect' him and beat him continually for over 2 hours with a belt??!! It was pure pre meditated murder and he should get the death penalty!!! There are so many people killing babies in more ways than one and there has to be some way to stop the killing of these innocent children and maybe they should use him for an example of what should be done to these heartless murderers!!
  • this type of person is the lowest of the low ,this child deserves to be playing with all children of his age ,but now ,i really hope he is being looked after by angels that will show him that love does exsist ,more than the man who beat him up showed him ,he deserves to rot alive in jail ,piece of shit that he is
  • Of course it isn't. I chalk this all up to overpopulation. The outbursts we keep reading about were predicted by the experiments of sociologists in the 1960's and even earlier.
  • Wow that's . . .just . . .sick. No one, not even an adult would deserve to be beaten to death for disrespecting someone. It's a severe punishment to give just because your feelings got hurt.
  • Before child protection laws were made, it was common practice to beat the crap out of a child for any reason the parent chose. You are talking about one single case in millions. Try working for Child Protective Services, like I did, and nothing will shock you. People beat and/or kill their babies just for crying. Just recently in my small town a woman beat her 2 year old over the span of 6 months until a final head blow killed him. One of the reasons was that "he wouldn't stop crying". Another was that he was her "husband's favorite". The child had numerous old injuries, including a dislocated shoulder (partially healed), a lacerated liver, & hairline fractures. When he was examined at emergency room, he had bite marks on him, large bruises (from being punched), and he had been "poked" in the head 15 times with a blood lancet that diabetics use. Apparantly what killed him was a blunt force head truama. The mother claimed he fell against the table. Google the name "Loretta Polanco". These kinds of cases occur each and every day. No one even mentions the ones who are cut apart and sucked up through an abortionist's vacuum. They don't even get a decent burial.
  • Whether the kid deserve it or not, the guy will still get thorough anal examinations and more donkey punches than he can count.
  • He will pay he's dues, one way or another.
  • There is absolutley nothing a 15 month old could have done so deserve that... he will be punished severly for this, but not serverly enough if you ask me.. there could never be enough jail rape or beatings for him if you ask me. Children are the only completely inocent people on this planet.. espcially someone as young as that
  • All of the adults that were in the house at the time should be charged with murder.
  • No, I hope that dickhead gets his ass beaten in jail for the rest of his life. I'm very sorry that an innocent 15 month old died.
  • That breaks my heart! I really wish I hadn't of read that...
  • I really hope some of the bigger boys show him LOTS of unlubed "disresepct" when gets to prison. What kind of monster does shit like this? Even the hardest thugs tend to draw the line with children.
  • Not even remotely. That is no man. A man protects children. This POS beat a 15 month old baby to death over a two hour period! The larger problem is the entitlement mentality of most young people today thinking respect is a given. No one owes you respect! Respect must be earned! The only thing this punk has earned is a long stay in prison. I wish I could have been in the hallway of that apartment complex (or house) and heard that baby crying. I could have saved the good tax payers in Indiana a lot of money with two to the chest and one to the head. Hell, I wouldn't even have charged for the ammo! Respect THAT Tayuan! Tayuan's myspace page: Somebody has cleaned it up. Probably at his attys advice. The raunchy pics are down all the "thug life" music is gone and half the friends are gone. He claimed to be a tough guy w/3 kids at age 18. Said he loved them all.... This is pathetic. Tragic and just pathetic.
  • No, they would be too young to understand. I hope this guy suffers in jail and never gets let out. Poor little child - she could have been feeling sick and that's why she didn't eat.
  • I hope that revolting man was sodomised by every convict on death row. And then all the other prisoners. And then died. Hopefully...
  • a 15th month old baby is incapable of legitimately offending anyone, since they have little to no comprehension of what they are doing.
  • I don't understand why the mother didn't step in and save her child. She was there in the apartment the whole time. In fact, there were THREE other adults in the apartment THE ENTIRE TWO HOURS HE WAS BEATING THE CHILD. Why the hell didn't they intervene and save this baby's life? The three of them could have overpowered the villain who killed this baby.
  • That story just made me sick. I seriously think I'm going to vomit. I hope that bastard rots in some hell. I don't care which one, as long as it's very unpleasant.
  • Children are children, especially at that young age. They act up and do things adults do not like, but that's because they are children and immature. They do naughty things out of impulse, without thinking most of the time. Responsible adults realize that this is not a sign of disrespect, but a sign of impulse and immaturity. Once children are given more love, approval and understanding, they will begin to behave. That's because good behavior stems from having good self-esteem. A child who is made to feel good about him/herself will want to please his/her parent. Not a child who is beaten and denigrated.
  • Holy hell, that is horrible. First off, a 15 month old can't 'disrespect' anybody. Second, that nowhere even comes close to justifying that kind of behavior. That guy will probably go to jail for a very long time, thank god.
  • Let's hope he gets put away for a very long time.

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