• My ex husband because we have a child together and he is still a part of my life...unfortunately.
  • Kitty Kat over in Hong Kong, was a wonderful and magical time.....such a clever bright woman who knew her mind.....sadly i didn't and will regret it forever.....
  • The one I loved the most but couldn't live with or without. The most confounded relationship I have ever been in.
  • opp's.....this was meant to be a comment - lol.....
  • None. What do you think they're all in the past for?
  • John, he has been my best friend for over 20 years.
  • The one that left 4 months ago today. Funny this question came up, I talk about her a lot on here but I've been thinking about her just about every second since about 6 pm last night, I worked the night shift so I still haven't slept since then and it's now 6:43 AM. I miss her so much, and I can't stop thinking about her.
  • My last ex, because she was the most recent and the one I let slip away for college and a career. I hope in time though, that I think about none of my exes.
  • My Steve, I love him best over anybody, can't live with him, can't live without him!!! I will love you forever Steve!
  • The only ex I have and I think abut the fact that I hope he ahd a good life as I did withmy Andrew until he ran around for what he says is just because it was so easy to that the women at Pepsi is hoes or they do not get hired there.
  • Danny..because he looked after me, im so lost without him, but i have to accept now he wont come back..its so hard to do that..but if we dont move on we're dead in the water..
  • My high school love. I am very happy with my husband, but there is always what if type of thought. He is one of my best friend's still and its great that he will always be my best friend.
  • The one I never got to have sex with lol. She was this gorgeous girl from Saudi Arabia. I fell into the friend zone and couldn't recover.
  • a complete little slut I went out with for two weeks before dumping her because as soon as she spoke she annoyed the shite out of me. However, fuck me was she a good lay, the reason why she's in my wank bank and hence the reason she is my ex I think about the most. :p oh yeah.
  • The last one. Prolly cause of te sex.
  • the last one cos its still raw.:)
  • My ex-husband, because he actually married!
  • my recent becasue were still friends even though its awkward to talk now.
  • The last one. Because she is in my class and I see her every day, and the other reason is because she was the last ex, for now.
  • My ex girlfriend (she's the only girl I 'dated') only because I hear from her more than any other ex. We talk on a weekly basis.
  • My high school sweetheart. He was my best friend and I haven't had relationship that is comparable what we had.
  • My most recent one. We split in January. I miss him madly! It took me too long to see what I had right in front of me and I lost it. I lost the best thing in my life. The one person who could make me smile even when my face was drenched in tears. I still go to bed thinking about him. I still dream about him. I still wake up in the morning thinking about him. He is ALWAYS on my mind. Every little thing reminds me of him... of "us". He is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. He doesn't understand it, but I do... I LOVE HIM! <3
  • I think about my husband alot, he died and I miss him alot. Of the living, I think alot about an ex that I had. I think it is because there is a part of me that still has some left over feelings. I don't and won't go there because it was a crazy relationship, kind of an obsessive attraction on both parts. It didn't work out but there is always something there. To this day, I get nervous when I see him. I don't go there, because I am better off where I am. However, when things are tough with my other half, I have to admit that sometimes I think about the other guy.
  • my sons father.....cause some stuff my son does reminds me of him......and my son looks just like his father.

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