• The Babylonians were known to have used a space as a placeholder for empty "columns" as far back as 1700 BC. The first records we have of the symbol we use for 0, is from Hindu writings from the late 9th century.
  • Zero is invented by Indians and the arabs take this and circulate all around.
  • Nonsense "Chinnu", indians only invented the symbol, the "Concept" has been around for Thousands of years. Before the symbol was invented indians used to use a blank space for ZERO. e.g 2 _ _ 7 (2007) or some used dots e.g 2 . . 7 and it is said that Zero was first found by arabs, which alot of documents support. The truth is, Indians invented the symbol not the concept.
  • I read a great book on that some years ago. I think this is the one:
  • many different cultures realized the concept of zero at different times. the mayas and the aztecs used the idea, and the odds are not good that they could communicate with the babylonians or the arabs.
  • the zero that we know today was developed in the 3rd century by the mayans, how can you say that an empty space represents something, theres no logic in that, so sorry all you indians and babylonians, the mayans were the first to put a dot down and call it zero.
  • Mayans.
  • All concepts exist in air till someone makes it concrete! Morons, learn to give credit where it is due. Indians came up with the decimal number system and zero was part of it. Coming up with a symbol requires an understanding the concept of it and Aryabhatta came up with rules on zero as to its interaction with otehr numbers. Read more and grow your retarded brains!
  • I'm thinking the Chinese or the Egyptians.
  • some dudes in india thousands of years ago
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  • n 2000-1800 B.C.E., it was not until about 200-300 B.C.E. that the Babylonians began using a symbol that would evolve into what we today know as zero. I never could find out Who the individual was who developed it, just the date it came to be.
  • Mayans No 1 else.
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  • The mathmatic person did.
  • Apparently, the idea was born independently in many isolated sociaties, hundred thousands years ago, at the very beginnings of math. BTW, "Invention" is a misconcept.
  • Although it is commonly cited that the modern concept of zero was invented by an Indian, this is simply acknowledging that the earliest recorded document regarding the concept of zero was an Indian document. Concepts in the mathematical sense are not "invented". They are "conceived". (bleh, talk to an english teacher) BUT if we're going to talk about it this way, I'm pretty sure the concept of zero was "invented" by the first animal that realized it had none of something. And I would like to not that I am not trying to marginalize the accomplishments of any civilization or person.
  • ariabian or indian i believe....somewhere in middle east
  • Indians invented Zero
  • Well Mansoor, thanks for your answer. Now we know who to blame all of the problems created by zero. Although people treat zero as a number, it is not a number. You can not use zero as a denominator and therefore you can not divide by zero. Every number divided by itself equals 1 (one) except zero. Consider this simple exercise in algebra. 1)a = b a is equal to b 2)a^2 = b * a multiply both sides by a 3)a^2-b^2 = b*a-b^2 subtract b^2 from both sides 4)(a+b)*(a-b) = b*(a-b) factor both sides 5)a+b = b divide both sides by (a - b) 6)a+a = a as a = b substitute a for b 7)2a = a a equals 2 times a The problem is created in step 5) where (a – b) is zero, thereby dividing by zero. Because of zero, every computer programmer in the world now has now has to make 2 checks every time perform division in a program instead of one check. When handling division, they must check to see if a variable used as a divisor has a zero or has nothing (null). Although zero is nothing, the computer’s value for nothing is different than the computer’s value for zero. I hope this helps.
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  • zero was first invented in india. The oldest known text to use a decimal place-value system, including a zero, is the Jain text from India entitled the Lokavibhâga, dated 458 CE. This text uses Sanskrit numeral words for the digits, with words such as the Sanskrit word for void for zero. The first known use of special glyphs for the decimal digits that includes the indubitable appearance of a symbol for the digit zero, a small circle, appears on a stone inscription found at the Chaturbhuja Temple at Gwalior in India, dated 876 CE. There are many documents on copper plates, with the same small o in them.

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