• food. or a dog whistle. no, dont hit her, it won't help, shell just be scared of you
  • have a firm voice when you tell her most of the time people use this sweet voice and say "oh no no no. sweetie dont do that again. please mommy is begging you" but the dog doesnt know what you are saying they go by tone so if you say "no" in a sweet voice the dog thinks its being rewarded for bad behavior but if you say it firmly they will understand better but dont hit the dog thats cruel in my book
  • Patients, be firm and treat her like you like to be treated. Dogs respond to authority, but not overly authoritarian. They love to be rewarded when they do good and don't like to be reprimanded. Show her LOTS of love to gain her respect because hitting will only enforce to her that you mean her harm plus that can easily backfire and lead to biting, her only recourse. You have a high energy dog so don't leave her cooped up in an apartment all day.. get out and play with her and let her run! good dog educational site for YOU..not your dog. ;)
  • put a handful of loose change in an empty coke or beer can and rattle it when she does something wrong. If you hit your dog you'll only teach her to bite.
  • It sounds like obedience lessons are in order. You haven't established your role as leader of the pack yet. Check out your local yellow ages.
  • You have to establish the pack order. And in any pack, there's a healthy fear of the pack leader. I don't buy into the "don't hit your dog" school, saying that it's cause the dog to bite or will always be scared of you, just like spanking your kid doens't turn him into a serial killer.
  • Get some dog obedience training or take a course with your dog. I can say from experience, however, that Labs can be very stubborn about refusing to do things that they don't want to do.
  • maybe you could sign her up for obedience school

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