• You know I never really thought of it that way before... But yes I think it could be...or ethnic cleansing...
  • To be honest, several million died as a result of contracting diseases they had no immunity to, not as a result of the actions of the invaders, in the first hundred years or so, in North America. The established European governments did launch policies aimed at eradication in South America, and later in North America. Yes, it was intended to be genocide.
  • I do but get the US government and the Christians to recognize it
  • What else could it have been? Ritual Suicide?
  • 120 millions seems to be a lot.
  • YES. Native American are still being used and abused. They have their lands and are still being regulated by the US government. Alcoholism runs rampid. Literacy rates low. As an African/Indian born here, I find that I have to stay focused and not let the negativity rule my life. I have to full myself up. Then drag, kick, lend a helping hand to those who wish to make positive changes in their live despite of the obstacles laid down in our paths.
  • To be historically accurate, in North America at least, the Native Americans were the ones to innitiate the hostilities. King Philip's War was an unprovoked attack by the natives on people that had lived peaceably beside for generations. That is not to excuse the abject atrocities done by the Spanish or the later injustices done by the Americans. There were treaties and deals broken by both sides so don't villanize the white people in favor of the red. That's just another form of racism. The worst you can rightfully accuse the Americans for is being successful in their wars. And incidentally, what does Christian have to do with any of it? Because the Spanish were nominally Christian though did not follow the precepts of the Bible in any form? Because corrupt people chose to stray from God's path? Or is your stab at Christians just another form of prejudice to further your own private hatred and bitterness that has nothing to do with this issue?
  • No. One of the most urgent needs in culture and education for the United States of America is discarding the stupid, groundless and anti-American lies that characterize contemporary political correctness. The right place to begin is to confront, resist and reject the all-too-common line that our rightly admired forebearers involved themselves in genocide. The early colonists and settlers can hardly qualify as perfect but describing them in Hitlerian, mass-murdering terms represents an act of brain-dead defamation. ~ Michael Medved
  • Yes. The Buffalo (bison) herds of the Great Plains were systematically killed in an effort to deny the Plains Indians their food source. Smallpox laden blankets, alcohol, and other such measures were used to help knock down the numbers of Indians. In fact, one of the driving forces to purchase black folks for slavery, was that all too often, the indigenous tribes couldn't hold up to the strain of slavery.
  • You could if you enjoy such characterizations which ignore the facts of history.
  • American Indians were slaughtering each other long before the Europeans got here. And the overwhelming majority of American Indians died from disease. Claiming it was genocide ignores the facts.

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