• Any books related to my course. Answerbag has a lot to answer for :)
  • I hardly know where to start. A friend gave me 5 books for my birthday in December and so far I've only read one of them. I'm also reading a series called "Sparrowhawk", and book 6 is waiting - the series is about pre-Revolutionary colonial times in America. There are 2 Martha Grimes mysteries too, and "Old Path White Clouds" by Thich Nhat Hanh (the life and teachings of Buddha).
  • "Let's Roll" by Lisa Beamer - a gift from my sister-in-law, and I need to go to the library to look for some of Sidney Sheldon's books that I might not have read.
  • All of them! Everything from Asimov's Guide to the Bible to The Redneck Manifesto. There are probably 15-20 books on my shelves that I bought swearing to read 'someday', and 'someday' hasn't come yet. That doesn't count the 200 or so books that I own that already have read, but could usefully reread. And don't let me loose in a bookstore or it's all over....:-P....
  • my bible
  • the ones i haven't read yet. but i will.
  • About 10 romance novels, I don't care for them.
  • All of them! From "Vampire Academy" to "Hannibal Lecter" to "The Works of Alexandre Dumas", they are all loved and all want to be read.
  • all the ones on my shelves would have to be reread again
  • I have Oscar Wilde's complete works in a single tome. I've yet to read many of those.
  • Many, many of them, both unread and ones I haven't visited again in several years. Where to start, where to start? *edited due to dummy mistake 'both read and ones I have visited again'...derrrr
  • Adam Smith, Irish stories and Tales, a biography of Lincoln, a history of England, Voltaire, two business and management books, "A year in the merde" and merde actually" by Stephen Clarke. I really like to read several books in the same time. Yes, there also are Mark Twain, Mohammed Yunus and Jagdish Bagwhati.
  • Cryptonomicon and Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson Time and Again by Jack Finney The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula LeGuin Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein Good Omens by Neil Gaiman Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove Ringworld by Larry Niven I enjoy SF and Fantasy a lot.
  • Here are some: Carp Fishing on Valium by Graham Parker Dreams of Reality by Sylvia Hubbard Conflict of Duality by Bhuchung Sonam Fair Ball by Bob Costas
  • At the moment i am reading Poor Mans Orange by Ruth Park, it is the sequel to The harp in the South and it took me a few years to find! I want to savour every moment ;0)
  • Non-Fiction: -- "Great Feuds in History: Ten Struggles that Shaped the World" by Colin Evans -- "The Comics: The Complete Collection" -- "Witness to a Century: Encounters With teh Noted, the Notorious, and the Three SOBs" by George Seldes -- "You Can Write Your Family History" by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack -- "The Triumph of Discovery: Women Scientiest Who Won the Nobel Prize" by Joan Dash -- "Biography: A Brief History" by Nigel Hamilton Fiction -- "The Greener Shore" by Morgan Llywelyn -- "White Mare's Daughter" by Judith Tarr -- "Misty Mourning" by Rett MacPherson
  • well... i guess i dont know cause i have a lot of good ones that need reading, problem is i watch the damn tv instead. word to your mother.
  • I've read them all but I keep on going back to the harry Potter series and the P G Wodehouse books.

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