• Yes. It was a monkey. Who lived in my closet. ._.'
  • Yes ... when I was a kid... but only my Mom could get away with it. If anyone else did that now , it would be a really good way for them to lose a finger.. or worse ;-)
  • Oh yeah!! Lol... :D
  • Yeah, that's common practice in my houseld. The mother in law does it, the wife does, the kids do it, the kids' friends do it, the dog does it, even the neighbor cat does it for crying out loud!
  • ONLY in the military ! Outside the military ; everyone either Knows or learns better ... Real Fast !!
  • You mean totally a loose cannon and out of control? No. :)
  • Yes, a customer who I had never met before told me I was a completely stupid B*&^ch who couldn't tell her face from her ass. That was just because someone else gave him the wrong type of hotel room when they made the reservation. The result? I had him arrested :)
  • Yes, a few times
  • (long story) Unfortunately, yes. Sixth grade. A year I suspect none of the 30 or so kids in that class will forget. Catholic school. The way it worked .. we had a nun each school year .. all day, every day .. who taught us every subject. Did that for 8 years. In 6th grade, there was a doozie of a nun who was not ok. Every one of us .. often .. had her finger in our face .. saying "You'll burn for that, girl" or "You'll burn for that, boy". Scary stuff, actually. If we threw a piece of paper in the waste basket, she would stop the lesson and go get it .. flatten out the ball .. see if there were any unused spaces .. and if so .. bring it right back to that person's desk .. (another finger in our face and threat opportunity) It escalated throughout that year. I remember going home and complaining to my parents about her. (Latest thing she had done) I remember her pulling a kid out of their chair and had them kneel beside their desk. Grabbed geography book and banged her soundly over her head over and over. I didn't even like that kid, but it brought me home in tears about it. Somehow - terror that she was - she never did that kind of stuff to me. In fact, I was a "favorite", never a good thing with classmates, but we somehow understood even that. We were all bonded "about her". Sooooo unpredictable. I was only ok for her because I could play the piano. She would set out Gregorian Chant music and I could play it. Seemed to soothe her. Finally enough parents heard enough stories that formal complaints were made with the "Reverand Mother". Those went on for some time and eventually, they did whatever the heck it was they "did" internally about such things in those days. Net result? We went through the full school year with her. Then? Turned out she had a BRAIN TUMOR. Sheesh. She didn't return and we never did hear how she made out. But "discipline" and what we heard was expected "reverential awe" for both priests & nuns vs "over the line" can be a fine line .. and escalate .. bit by bit by bit .. til it's waaaaay over there. Looking back that "You'll burn for that" and "The Lord will chastise you for that" with the finger in our face .. shrill voice .. wasn't ok for a full school year, of course - let alone all the other indignities all year long. All fear and shame based things. And yet, I also wonder just what her mind was doing to her that whole year. She didn't get the help SHE needed either. It was the early 1960s ... "Just wasn't done" to turn in a nun. Luckily, I think we've learned a lot in the decades since then. Painfully slooooooowly in some ways. So short answer? Yes Longer answer: a school year I'll not forget. Not because of "scars", but like other major life experiences .. because it's important NOT to forget. Not to point fingers or be negative. But remember so that signs can be recognized .. and similar abuse stopped before it escalates. Protect kids. Identify issues with teachers in general (not just nuns) for their own sakes as well as the kids we place in their care each day.
  • Yeah i ignored the shouting but they're lucky i didn't break snap that finger right off their hand.
  • Grab that finger and twist. When they want you to stop, say "cry like a little girl and beg me" , and turn on your video camera.
  • Yes, and worse.
  • Yes. God.

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