• I think you should just come right out and say it. You guys have probably been friends for a while so you can kind of open up with eachother about your feelings. Even if they do involve eachother. Make sure you do it soon though, you don't want another guy beating you to the punch again.
  • put her best interests first
  • Wait for her to dump the guy she is with first; then tell her how you feel; she might need some time to absorb it; or get over the breakup so if she says no; ask her if you have any chance at all with her.
  • when she brakes up with the guy shes with now, comfort her and dont tell her you like her until you're sure they wont get back together. once shes completely over him then you should tell her you like her.
  • tell her you like her.. right when she dumps him.. so that way she has someone to help her through this rough time.
  • just wait till she's single then just tell her!..
  • Unless she is really blind she already knows you do. She may even be thinking of how to ask you how much you care in return. So buckle up your courage and tell her how you feel.
  • if shes going to dump him then wait it out a little bit. Be there for her post break up and comfort her. Then when shes in a better mood tell her how you feel just dont rush it. But at the same time dont wait to long. Im sure you will know when the moments right.
  • Help her through this break up first of all as her friend. The last thing you want to be is a rebound. Later when she's ready to move on you should mention how you feel to her. Keep it friendly though or you will lose a good friend. Go into it knowing that there is a good chance that she might not feel the same.

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