• check muffler buddy usually you might need a new one 84 if it has never been changed out i can say bout 80% chance muffler is all junked up from exhaust over the years it should fix most of the rest with throttle old muffler is like using a choke
  • Check the timing of the engine. It could be a simple fix if just the timing being out too far by adjusting the distributor timing should do the trick. Most engines today use a belt to time the cam shaft to the crankshaft. If the belt has never been changed it is most likely worn out and causing the relationship between the cam and the crank to be off (out of time). I personally wish they would go back to timing chains or timing gears. Engine manufactures say they went to timing belts because they are less noisy than chains or gears. I don't think 98% of the people can even hear the chains or gears. I just reread your question, I don't think the 84 350 had a timing belt but did have a metal chain but the timing chain ran on neoprene gears. The neoprene will wear out causing the out of time problems you mentioned. Not a cheap repair unless you have the knowledge to do it yourself. To have it done by a mechanic could cost $500 or more.

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