• Obviously it is, if there isnt any reason too. Go talk to a health professional. Or just GET OVER IT! Im from Dallas, Texas. You dont know me or who i am, but you know where im from now, do you hate me now?
  • Perhaps so. If you hate me you must know why. Did you have a bad experience in Texas and with someone from Texas?
  • I have some friends in Texas that I am sure would be willing to discuss it with you in private. Afterwards I am sure you will have no more mental problems.
  • Hate is an awfully strong emotion to feel about anyone... expecially people you don't know.
  • If you're serious, then it's an issue you should go into therapy to resolve. It's obviously a gross generalization to ascribe a set of characteristics to a particular group of people or a particular geographic location. That's bigotry.
  • howdy partn'r
  • I'm from TEXAS,i would say that most people would probably hate us,only cause everything in TEXAS is so BIG,that includes midgets,land,our EGO'S.)
  • You do realize, of course, that the media highlights anyone from Texas who is close-minded just the same way that they highlight the Westboro Baptist Church. By putting the Westboro Baptist Church in front of the camera every chance they get, they teach the general public to hate Christians, despite the fact that the Westboro Baptist Church is neither a church, nor Baptist. The Baptist church has completely disavowed any ties with Westboro, and Westboro consists of one family of troublemakers and a few of their friends. Nonetheless, by calling themselves a church, they become a tool of the media to tar Christians and Christ. In the same way, the media loves to make all Texans look bad because it fits in with their agenda of making George Bush look bad. Texas is a VERY big place. It is one of those states that covers a lot of very different territory and a lot of ethnic groups. Although I've not been there myself, I'm sure there are a wide variety of attitudes among the many different people in that state. They range from Cajuns along the Louisianna border to Mexicans along the Rio Grande and nearly every other kind of people in between. Don't forget, Texans were the ones who opened their doors to the largest number of Katrina refugees of any other state in the country. From what I've seen, many of them have open and generous hearts. I've had more than a few friends from there, including my late Father-in-law. I don't know about a mental problem, I think that is an excuse. Truthfully, I think it is a serious case of naivete and believing everything you hear. I also think it is a pretty big prejudice. And prejudice is another way of being close-minded.
  • I'd be careful with that. Things like that have a habit of backfiring, you will have a son/or daughter some day that will marry someone straight out of Texas. Mark my word.
  • LOL wow! Okay you've learned your lesson no more apologies. I'm from Texas and I forgive you, and I think I speak for ALL TEXANS when I say we forgive you, and accept you with open arms *No Homo*
  • A little on the light side, if you don't mind. I have just realized that not all ya'll know that people from Texas are smarter, taller, talk more proper, and are the only ones who realize that Texas is the largest State. If everyone would just move to Texas and never leave, then they would know what I know. Take my son as an example. He moved to Alaska a couple of years ago, and now he thinks that Alaska is the largest state. When I confronted some of his friends that told him that, they threatened to split Alaska in two and make Texas the third largest state.
  • yes cause texans and texas is the best
  • Find your Bible. Blow the dust off it then open it to Matthew 22:36-40. I think you just might find your answer there. Then see how many similar verses you can also find.

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