• I raced someone to the bottom of a bottle of tequila. Each had his own bottle. Once I won, I found out that the other bottle was being consumed by SEVERAL people, not just one. Then it hit. I hugged a girl and (possibly) cracked her ribs, had someone drive me to his house, his key broke off in the front door, he crawled in through a window, dragged me into a bathroom, threw my head in the toilet and said "I hope you die." I don't recommend this as a regular pastime.
  • Only a Dr Pepper drinking contest not an alcoholic one.
  • Yes, though I didn't know at the time I was in one. I was at the bar with a friend when he decided (without telling me) that he was going to see if he could out-drink me. he admitted the following day that he kept ordering drinks as quickly as possible and making sure we both downed them in one, but that after a while he began to really struggle and felt hammered, and was devastated to see me talking perfectly fine and looking fine too, so decided to quit while he was behind. Ive no idea what the drink count was though, as we always said if you could count how much drink you had the night before, you didn't have enough.
  • Last drinking contest was 10 years ago and I did win but I could not tell you how many drinks I had but I was the last one standing.
  • Well, I won one, but it wasn't about how much we drank. I filled a two-liter bottle within 2 inches with pee.
  • Yep...I stopped before the contest started! Watching the contest, I knew damn well that I'd win...that night and the next day, too! Is "winning" being the only one on the Clean-up Committee?!? Sigh! I think it's like being voted "designated driver"! :-)
  • 23 shots my first weekend at college. I do NOT recommend it whatsoever, no one should do this EVER EVER. It was VERY stupid and I got VERY sick and I learned a VERY valuable lesson.....
  • Does anyone REALLY win in a drinking contest? lol
  • Yes once at a club. It was draught night and I went up against another girl to see who could chug 15 cups of draught first. It was nasty but I won and then belched into the microphone! hahah I'm such a lady
  • nope - Jack Daniels won and we are NOT friends anymore.
  • I know I have, but I was too drunk to remember. >8P
  • I stopped drinking years ago but when I was living in the barracks I was the last one still drinking one time after a drinking game. The guys were making bets on when I would puke after that, because I kept drinking, but I never did. I guess I shouldn't sound like i'm bragging because I'm much happier now that I don't drink anymore. As to the count, we went through several cases of beer and several bottles of liquor and there was about 6 of us drinking. The rest were just making bets or observing.
  • nop i m not lucky on e hmm.. i hv very tiny belly
  • I have drunk people under the table, but it was never a formal contest. My ex-roommate would try to get me drunk but even after out-pacing him all night I would wind up dragging HIM home. I had a ship-mate that claimed that, because he was Irish, he could out-drink me. After ordering round eight, he went to the men;s room. I drank my boilermaker, his boiler maker, a pint to wash it down, and then checked on him. He was BEHIND the toilet in the men's room. I called a cab, ordered another pint while we waited, unlocked and dismantled my mountain bike to fit in the trunk of the cab, picked Mr. Irish's pocket for cab fare, and asked the cabbie to stop in the middle of the Oakland bridge so that Mr. Irish didn't ruin the upholster when he blew. I don't know if either counts as "winning", but if they were actual, formal contests then I think they would.

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